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Unlawful Attraction: The Complete Series Box Set

I’m not a selfish person. I mean, I’m thrilled that my friends are doing so well with their new jobs and their love lives. I just thought I’d be joining them, at least in the job department, now that I’m working for the DA. Unfortunately, nothing seems to be going like I planned.


Twenty-six year-old Dena Monroe is happy that her friends, Carrie and Krissy, have found love, but she’s starting to wonder if that’ll ever happen for her. Being a strong, willful woman, she has yet to find a man who can give her what she really needs.


Between work and romance, can Dena find what she’s looking for?


Don’t miss M.S. Parker’s new steamy series that takes us back to Club Privé.



Yet another wonderful box set. It would be a crime not to read this series. Enough alpha males to go around for everyone.

-Karen Dortch,

Could not stop reading this entire book series. Had to read 1 through 5 and couldn’t put it down.

-Teri1012, Amazon

Unlawful Attraction is definitely a true winner!





The woman in the mirror looked back at me with pale gray eyes that matched the suit. It was a good suit, one I wore when I needed to look at least close to my twenty-six years, or when I wanted to look my best. Since today was my last day at Webster & Steinberg, it was my only choice.

I couldn’t believe it was finally here. I’d gone through the follow-ups with my biggest clients and handled the ones who needed to be gently handed off to the woman who’d fill my shoes. They’d all been sorry to see me go, but not as sorry as my boss. I’d be the fourth lawyer she lost in a little over a year. The other three had been friends of mine, and their absence here made leaving a bit easier.

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