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Twisted Affair Vol. 4

Twisted Series

My life was almost back on track. I actually enjoyed my job. I had a gorgeous wife who my family loved, and an equally gorgeous girlfriend who I loved. But I couldn’t shake this feeling that it was all going to hell soon.

As Blayne Westmore tries to juggle the woman he’s married to and the woman he’s in love with, he begins to see that things aren’t as simple as he’d hoped. He has no doubt that he loves Katka Dusek, the fun-loving and passionate younger twin, but he also finds himself thinking more and more about her more serious, intelligent sister, Livie. When he finds out the truth, however, it shakes him to his core and leaves him with the most difficult decision he’ll ever have to make.

Don’t miss the biggest twist yet in the penultimate installment of M.S. Parker’s latest series, Twisted Affair!



All I can say is OMG, you have to read this, I am pretty sure I know where this is going, but cannot say!!!

-Carol’s Keeper,


-Amie, Amazon

M.S.Parker is just bloody brilliant!




I’d never planned a romantic getaway before and it was harder than I’d thought. It wasn’t just about booking a room to party in. It was putting together a bunch of pieces to create a perfect weekend. The worst part was, I didn’t have anyone I could talk to.

If I’d been planning this for my wife or if I’d been able to date Katka openly, I could’ve gone to the other sister for help. I could’ve even gone to Samuel then, but no way in hell could I tell my brother that I was taking my wife’s sister to New York so we could avoid my dad’s ‘anti-infidelity’ spies. I couldn’t put Samuel in that situation.

All my life, Samuel had been the only one of my family who’d ever been on my side. I just couldn’t ask him to lie or hide my affair from our father, especially since he seemed to like Livie a great deal. My family hadn’t spent much time with my wife, but she’d managed to charm them nonetheless. They weren’t exactly scheduling family vacations, but my father had actually admitted that he liked her, so that was something. Actually, it was a lot more than something. I was shocked.

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