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Twisted Affair Vol. 3

Twisted Series

When I realized I’d slept with my wife’s twin sister, I’d thought everything was going to be over. My marriage. My agreement with my father. But my wife didn’t seem to know and I wanted to keep it that way. There was one little problem. I couldn’t seem to let things go.

Blayne Westmore has just found out that he hasn’t been sleeping with his wife, gorgeous former model Livie Dusek. Instead, he’s been sleeping with her identical twin, Katka. He knows he should break it off, but there’s something about her that draws him to her. Now he just needs to figure out what that something is.

Livie’s thankful when her husband suddenly stops trying to make moves on her, but when she figures out why, she’s surprised at how much it bothers her. She knows it shouldn’t. Their marriage is business only, after all. She’s all but expected Blayne to find women to warm his bed. She just never thought it would be her sister. And she never thought she would care.

Don’t miss out on book three of M.S. Parker’s steamy series, Twisted Affair.



I found that I could not put the book down. I highly recommend it!!!

-Annamarria Folkerts,

Another masterpiece by this amazing author! This series was sexy, sweet, suspenseful, naughty, an full of twists and turns until the very last page. This author has an amazing ability to give us a juicy love story with so many unique twists, including one mind-bending one, that it will be with you long after it is over. I think this is probably one of my top three by Ms. Parker of all time.

-Brianna , Amazon

OMG can things get anymore Twisted???

In true MS Parker style I really can’t see where this one is going. Absolutely brilliant, LOVE IT, lost for words.

-Love To Read Romance Books,



I hated lying to my sister, but this was for her own good. At least, it had started out that way. The plan had made perfect sense when I’d come up with it. As soon as Livie had told me the name of the man she intended to marry, I had known I couldn’t allow her to go through with it.

The problem was, my sister was even more stubborn and hard-headed than me, no matter what she claimed to the contrary. Once she got something in her mind, it was impossible to get her to change it. Unless she felt as if she’d been wronged, she wouldn’t let go. Her word meant a lot to her, but she wasn’t someone who allowed people to walk over her.

I had hoped to use her idealism against her. If I could prove Blayne wasn’t the man she claimed he was, there was a chance I could get her to annul the marriage, especially since it hadn’t been consummated.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t gotten the chance to put things into play before the wedding, but once they’d arrived home after the honeymoon, I’d known I had no choice. Livie had actually stopped speaking to me while she was in Europe, annoyed that I continued to question her decision. I wanted the old Livie back. I needed her to see Blayne as the arrogant, spoiled playboy I’d heard about. Not the kind, charming, though slightly irresponsible, man Livie believed him to be.

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