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Twisted Affair Vol. 2

Twisted Series

When I proposed to Livie Dusek, I didn’t really think that she’d say yes, but I was glad she did. Marrying her would keep my inheritance secure and my dad off of my back. Then we slept together and I thought things were even better. I had no idea.

Ladies’ man and partier Blayne Westmore has been forced into marriage, but his Czech wife is smoking hot and seems to have gone back on her previous rule about no touching…or has she?

Livie doesn’t know why her business-only husband has suddenly decided it’s okay to try to kiss her, or why he keeps saying that they’ve slept together. She hopes her sister Katka isn’t right that Blayne is just trying to get her into bed, but she’s determined to rebuff his advances as much as possible. Once her three years are up and she has her money, she’s done, and nothing that Blayne says will stop her.

Volume two in M.S. Parker’s sexy new series is full of twists, turns and heat. Don’t miss it!



I highly recommend this book, this series, and this author.

-Rene Entress,

Fantastic! This is the second book in the series. MS Parker keeps us guessing in the continuation of Blayne and Liv’s story. The story is non-stop from the first page. I cannot wait to start book three. I highly recommend it!!!

-Annamaria Folkerts, Amazon

A great read, I love M S Parkers style of writing and I am now eagerly awaiting the next volume!




I was confused.

Okay, that wasn’t entirely accurate. The word wasn’t quite strong enough to convey how fucked up I felt.

I was head-spinning, ass-backwards completely baffled. Perplexed. A plethora of synonyms. Each one ending in a giant question mark.

The last three weeks had been insanely weird. First, I drank so much that I passed out, stole a horse and was tossed in jail. That led to my father, the esteemed Benjamin Franklin Westmore Sr., deciding that if I didn’t fix my mess of a life – live the way he wanted me to live – I would be heading toward my thirties with no money, no place to live, no car and no inheritance. Part of “straightening up” involved getting married.

And that’s how I – Blayne Westmore, committed lifetime bachelor and man whore – found myself standing in my penthouse kitchen with my wife.

Livie Dusek was a breathtakingly beautiful twenty-three year-old Czech immigrant who I’d met after leaving my parents’ disastrous attempt at an arranged marriage. Through an odd set of circumstances, Livie and I had become engaged and then married within a week of her hauling my drunken ass home.

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