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Twisted Affair Vol. 1

Twisted Series

I’ve always loved my life. Women, drugs and alcohol. Three of the greatest things in the world. Then my father decided that I wasn’t living up to the high standards of our family and gave me an ultimatum. Get married or lose it all.

When Blayne Westmore screws up for the thousandth time, his father lays down the law. Blayne has to find a wife and settle down or he’ll be disowned.

Twenty-three year-old Livie Dusek is a Czech immigrant working hard towards the American dream – one that doesn’t involve love. But when a handsome stranger offers her a marriage proposal and more money than she could ever dream off, she accepts, much against her sister’s wishes. Livie has just one rule for her future husband: No sex between them.

Don’t miss Vol. 1 of the newest steamy series from best-selling author M.S. Parker.



Once Again M.S. Parker has written a story worthy of the Gods. If the first book is any indication this series is going to be at the TOP of the Best Seller List for sure! Twisted Affair is exactly what the title exclaims and more.

-Carrie Renteria,

This serial gave me a book hangover. I had heard that term before but was hazy on what it meant. NOW I know. M.S., Keep up the great work. And dear readers get ready for the roller coaster ride.

-Brenda’s Book Beat, Amazon

Oh how I love a good MSParker book, she never fails to deliver.




My life was fuck-freaking-tastic. Seriously. I was rich and not bad on the eye, or so I’d been told. I didn’t have to give a damn about responsibility or anything that even smelled like it. And none of that was in my head. It was all true.

Chiseled good looks that women said resembled some of Hollywood’s hottest. A naturally muscular build that I didn’t have to spend hours at the gym maintaining. I was tall, but not freakishly so. A nice six-three. And I was more than well-proportioned, or so I’d been told. I was still a year away from thirty, no signs of gray in my sandy brown hair and no thinning. I spent all my time getting high, drinking and either watching naked women dance, or fucking them.

Like I said, I had a fuck-freaking-tastic life.

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