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The Client

Stand-alone novella, approx. 100 pages. For a limited time, The Client, also includes Book 1 of the upcoming M.S. Parker series, A Legal Affair (Club Prive – Leslie’s Story)

My life isn’t going exactly the way I planned, but I can make ends meet and I have a fiancé I love. I’m one of those people who believes in working with what I’ve been given… I just never expected this kind of curveball.

When a run through Central Park sets in motion events that change the course of Sara Carr’s life, she never imagines that they will lead her to Dorian Forbes, a billionaire former fighter, and a new job as his personal trainer. A new job that comes with its own complications.

Don’t miss this steamy standalone by best-selling author M.S. Parker.


These two are hot from the start! 5 STEAMY STARS. M.S Parker Never let’s me down.

Patti Correa,

The title of this book definitely says it all. It’s full of emotion, drama, and some incredibly sensual, sexual and steamy scenes that will heat up your reading.

Carrie Renteria,

Trust me this is such a good book, which I think you’ll just love.

Atlanta Whitlock,



Central Park at five o’clock in the morning was my favorite time and place. New York was known as the city that never slept, but when running in the park so early, it was easy to pretend that I was the only one for miles.

I wasn’t a native New Yorker, but I’d loved the city from the moment I moved here. It’d been six years now, and I’d never once considered going back to San Francisco. I’d only gone back to visit my uncle twice, but he never made me feel guilty. Uncle Takeshi was great that way. I missed him, but my life was here.

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