The Billionaire’s Mistress: The Complete Series Box Set

I was happy with my life. Okay, it wasn’t perfect, but I had a mom, dad and brother that I loved, a best friend – with benefits – and a decent job that paid enough for me to take care of my responsibilities. Then, he walked in to my life, and everything changed.

When handsome billionaire, Jal Lindstrom, enters a high-end Philadelphia hair salon, he finds himself under the care of twenty-one year-old Allie Dodds, a sharp, intelligent woman who doesn’t seem impressed by his wealth or position.

Intrigued, Jal expertly manipulates events to ensure they meet again, even though obligations to his family make things…complicated. Complications, such as getting a ring on the finger of a Philadelphia socialite his mother wants him to marry.

Torn between their hearts and their families, Jal and Allie have more in common than they know, but a single secret can destroy everything before it’s even begun.

Don’t miss the first book in the sizzling new series, The Billionaire’s Mistress by best selling author M.S. Parker.



MS Parker you have done it again, with another amazing start to a series, I literally could not put this book down.


Excellent writing, suspenseful and erotic, this is another series by M.S. Parker that should not be missed.

-BlueEyes, Amazon

Great serial drama from the queen of the cliffhanger, MS Parker.

-L Taylor,





There was nothing on earth quite like it. Leaning back against the counter, I focused on the few seconds I had to myself. My step-father was down in the laundry room, probably looking for a clean shirt, and I could hear the shower running upstairs, which meant my mom was running a bit late. The usual banging noises came from my brother’s room that told me he was up, which was a miracle. A quick look at the clock told me that if he wasn’t down there soon, I’d have to go hurry him along, but for now…coffee.

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