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Sinful Desires

Sinful Series

Why in the world had I agreed to go home for my five-year reunion when I hated pretty much all of my classmates? Right, because I was an idiot. I should’ve known better.

When Las Vegas exotic dancer, Piper Black, goes back to Philadelphia for her reunion, she knows it’s not going to be an enjoyable experience, and she’s right…until she ends up sleeping with her high school crush. What she doesn’t know is that Reed Stirling has a secret that ruins everything.

Can he make things right? And even if he does, will Piper be able to forgive him?



I really enjoyed this book. It had a good storyline and flowed nicely. I had a hard time putting it down. Good job and I can’t wait for the more books!!!


A good story that was a real page turner.

-Knighterrant, Amazon

BRILLIANT….. Great story with twist, I can’t wait to find out what happens next…. this book is a must read.

-Maria McCahey,



The first time I’d felt his clammy hand on my tits, I’d chalked it up as a slip since he’d been putting a dollar bill into my almost sheer bra. The second time, however, the bastard actually squeezed one of my boobs.

“Ricky!” I yelled over the music.

A massive man with no neck and arms the size of my thighs lumbered over. I never knew how he heard us over the pounding bass, but Ricky never missed one of us girls calling for help.

“All right, buddy.” He grabbed the guy by the scruff of the neck and gave me a nod as he dragged the drunk away.

I made a mental note to thank Ricky after my set was done and then went back to shaking my tits and ass. That’s what this was, after all. It wasn’t dancing, not for real. It was getting away with pasties and g-string instead of full nudity just so I could call it exotic dancing rather than stripping.

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