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Serving Him Book 6

No more cliffhangers! Read the conclusion to Serving HIM.

I’d never wanted anything as much as I wanted Dominic Snow. I wanted all of him. His strengths and his weaknesses. His past, present and future. I just hoped that digging into that past wouldn’t break us.

Aleena Davison thinks that her relationship with her handsome, wealthy boss, Dominic, is going well. He’s opening up, understanding what it means to be in a relationship outside the bedroom, but when he tells her that he’s looking into his past, she’s afraid that he’ll start to close himself off again. As secrets are revealed will they harm or heal the man she loves?

Don’t miss out on the final installment in this scintillating collaboration between M.S. Parker and Cassie Wild.


Hot and bothered!!! I absolutely love Dominic and Aleena. So happy with the books and the outcome. Love it!!! 

Laura Ann Ferguson, Amazon

 And, it looks like our collaborators/Authors M. S. Parker & Cassie Wild will be writing another series together “Pure Lust”. Yippee! Because they really did do a great job and I think they co-wrote Serving HIM pretty seamlessly!

Tonya, Amazon

As with all of the books written by MS Parker and now Cassie Wild too, I am never left disappointed – they are addictive page turners, passionate, bursting with chemistry and so well written.





Harsh, golden sunlight pierced my eyes and I immediately jerked upright.

Just as immediately, I regretted it.

Groaning, I sagged back on the bed and squinted up at the ceiling overhead. The ceiling wasn’t mine. The slant was all wrong and the design…yeah, not mine. The windows allowing the sunlight to slant in and blind me? Not my windows.

Ergo, I wasn’t in my room. Again.

Rolling my head to the side, I let my eye open a little more and saw the posts of the bed, a very familiar bed. I’d fallen asleep last night with Dominic wrapped around me.

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