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Serving Him Book 2

“How did it happen? Fairytales don’t become real…do they? Will I wake up in a moment, back in my old apartment, and realize it was all a dream?”

When twenty-one-year-old, Aleena Davison, gets hired as the new live-in personal assistant for billionaire businessman, Dominic Snow, life seems almost too good to be true. Despite her lack of experience, she manages to impress not only her new boss, but also everyone around her.
Everything moves along as planned until one day Aleena accidentally walks into the private bedroom of Dominic Snow. What she sees will change her life, forever.

Don’t miss the steamy second installment of Serving HIM by bestselling authors, M.S. Parker and Cassie Wild.


Oh my word, SERVING HIM VOLUME TWO was so hot I couldn’t put it down and I need more of Aleena and Dominic like yesterday.

The story in this book is very well written and well developed and the plot is so fast paced that things will happen that you never saw coming. The characters in this book, is there any other character in this book other than my new book boyfriend Dominic???? Oh wait yes there is, I guess I can share Dominic with Aleena since the chemistry they have between them there in spades even before they’ve touched each other.


Sensual reading with a darker side that will having you begging for more. Dominic has a past that’s filled with pain. How deep do his scars go? Aleena does her best in her new role as his employee. Will lust overtake her job responsibilities? Will sex bring them closer or further apart? Will family and past secrets stop Dominic from real intimacy? M.S. Parker and Cassie Wild did an outstanding job with Serving Him 2! It’s a sexual read that will leave you panting more!


Can Dominic change Aleena’s mind and convince her to stay? Will he let her know his dark secrets? Again another great read with emotional twists and turns.



“Good morning.”

I nearly crashed into Dominic Monday morning. It was six-fifteen and I’d been awake since a little before five, barely able to sleep.

I hadn’t seen him since our oddly tense lunch on Saturday and, although I was certain I’d been imagining it, I could have sworn his eyes slid over me when I wasn’t watching, that they’d linger on my mouth, my breasts…lower.

When I all but toppled over in my attempt to stop our collision, his hands came up and caught my arms, steadying me. My heart gave an odd, hiccupping sort of beat as his hands fell away, without even a hint of a pause.

“Good morning, Mr. Snow,” I said, stepping back at the exact moment he did.

“Are you ready to get to work?” he asked, giving me a polite, distant smile.

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