Harsh, golden sunlight pierced my eyes and I immediately jerked upright.

Just as immediately, I regretted it.

Groaning, I sagged back on the bed and squinted up at the ceiling overhead. The ceiling wasn’t mine. The slant was all wrong and the design…yeah, not mine. The windows allowing the sunlight to slant in and blind me? Not my windows.

Ergo, I wasn’t in my room. Again.

Rolling my head to the side, I let my eye open a little more and saw the posts of the bed, a very familiar bed. I’d fallen asleep last night with Dominic wrapped around me.

It had been…intense. I shivered a little at the memory.

Forcing both eyes open, I looked around, but Dominic was already gone. There wasn’t a clock—Dominic wasn’t much on having his time interrupted by menial things like, well, time. He was a punctual person, but when we stepped in here, the outside world ceased to exist.

I sighed. Unfortunately, the outside world kept moving forward and that meant I had to get out of bed, especially since I had the feeling that I was late. Judging by the angle of the sun, it was well after eight.

Dominic was probably already at the office. I grimaced. It was Monday and I should have been up and moving, heading out there with him so we could spend the first hour or so syncing his work and personal calendars. I’d have to call him and let him know that I was running a bit behind.

I rolled onto my back and winced. When we’d gotten back here Saturday night, after he’d taken my ass for the first time, he’d brought me to his room and told me to stay, saying he’d need me again. And he had. Again, and again. We’d spent almost all of yesterday in bed. Well, metaphorically at least, and my body was sore enough to prove it.

Moving gingerly, I looked around and saw that he had tidied up at some point, cleaning and putting away the toys he’d used. That didn’t surprise me. He believed in taking care of his possessions.

And me.

My fingers lightly touched my neck where his collar had been all day yesterday. I missed it—that symbol of how I belonged to him. A reminder that I was his.

I smiled, remembering how he’d massaged out the tension in my arms, shoulders and back after he’d released me from the ropes he’d used on me last night. He’d carried me to the bathroom and held me as we sat in the tub, his fingers coaxing me to a less intense, but still pleasurable, orgasm. Afterwards, he’d dried me off, slicked me all up and down with lotion, and carried me back to the bed, not letting me do a thing. I’d felt pampered and treasured. Completely adored.

After the weekend we’d had, I felt like I was starting to truly understand what it meant to be a Sub, and it was so much more than I’d ever imagined. So much deeper.

Then the guilt came back. I’d let him down. I hadn’t trusted him.

The pictures flashed through my mind and I wanted to hit something. Preferably Penelope, although a wall would do, anything to empty myself of the frustration and anger building inside me.

“I should have trusted you more. I was wrong. Can you—”

My throat went tight as I remembered trying to explain to him—how I’d felt, what it had done to me to see those pictures. I should have trusted him, but it had hurt so much, brought up memories of the first boy I’d ever slept with. The only person besides Dominic I’d ever had sex with. That guy had used me. But I should have known that Dominic wasn’t like that. It had been wrong of me, and I’d kept apologizing until he’d pulled me close and kissed me.

“It’s over. We don’t look back. You trust me. I trust you.”

Dominic had been angry though and I’d felt it Saturday night. But even then, I’d mostly felt his need. Now, I ached from it. Ached with it. More than the guilt, more than my own self-directed anger, and the anger I’d felt at Penelope, his need lingered.

Smiling, I slid a hand down my torso, imagining it was his mouth. There was no longer a part of me that he hadn’t touched, hadn’t claimed. I hadn’t looked in the mirror yet this morning, but I knew there were marks on my neck, my breasts, my thighs. Marks made by his mouth. Bruises where his hands had gripped my hips so tightly. Then there were the invisible ones, the ones no one would see, but I would feel. The tender skin on my ass where he’d spanked me, used a flogger. The ache between my legs where he’d slammed into my pussy until I’d screamed. My ass, throbbing from his fingers and his magnificent cock.

My own fingers brushed over my clitoris and I gasped. It was already swollen and sensitive, or maybe it was just still that way, after being teased and tormented so wonderfully.

A lash of heat swelled through me and I bucked my hips. Eyes closed, I pictured he was here, with me. Again. Slowly, I circled my fingers over my clit. Then, quicker, faster. Dipping them inside, I flexed them, stretched them, opened them. My pussy was tight and it gripped me.

Moaning, I rolled over onto my belly and started to ride my hand. In my mind, it was Dominic.

He was under me.

Behind me.

Surrounding me.

He overwhelmed me and controlled me and dominated me in so many ways.

He owned me.

I gasped out his name as I climaxed.


I made short work of my shower and dressed. I needed to make up for lost time. I was ready in no time and dialed Dominic’s cell to let him know I’d be on my way in just a few minutes. As soon as I found my other shoe.

He answered, but his voice was distracted.

“Ah…hi.” My hand was damp as I gripped the phone. Instinctively, I knew something was wrong.

“Good morning, Aleena,” he said quietly.

“Good morning.” I looked out the window, staring outside into the park, my shoe forgotten. “Is everything okay?”


I heard it, the lie he was ready to voice. Then he blew out a breath. “Shit, I don’t know. I’m in a meeting. It’s…personal.”

“Oh. I…” I frowned as I tried to remember what he’d had on his schedule for this morning. “I just wanted to let you know that I was running late this morning. Didn’t want you to be worried. I’m sorry I overslept.”

Dominic chuckled. It was a heady, intimate sound and it warmed the parts of me that had gone cool at the sound of his distant voice only seconds ago. Whatever was wrong, it wasn’t about me. “I’m not sorry at all.”

“Oh. Well…um. I’ll be there soon.” Where was my damn shoe?

“No.” Although the tension didn’t return to his voice, he still didn’t sound quite himself. “Just work there today, okay?”

“Okay.” I hesitated and then asked, “Are you alright, Dominic?”

“I will be. I’ll see you later, Aleena.”

The called ended before I had the chance to reply and I stood there, staring at my phone, trying to figure out what had happened.

It wasn’t distance, I realized. He wasn’t pushing me away and he wasn’t angry.

He was upset. Cool, in control, Dominic Snow was upset enough to be distracted.

That scared the hell out of me.




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