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SEALionaire 3

Keeping his hands, his mind, his eyes, his mouth, his everything, off of Olivia “O” Darling, has proven to be a bit harder than former Navy SEAL Adam “Reaper” Dedman can handle.
Not only does she drive him crazy, she makes him laugh.
When an attack endangers both of them, he discovers there is little he won’t do to protect her.

Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion to SEALionaire, the sexy Navy SEAL romance by MS Parker and Shiloh Walker.


Loved the plot the characters and the ending.


This was truly one of my favorite series from MS Parker and the first for me with Shiloh Walker, a great collaboration.

Stephanie Ditmore,

M.S. Parker didn’t fail…. Book 3 was action packed and provided even more insight to Reaper’s skills as a SEAL.

Angela B,



Seeing Cherise and Russel Harris together didn’t exactly do wonderful things for my mood or my sanity, but I didn’t have time to deal with their bullshit tonight. James needed me.

He was getting tired too easily these days.

An ache tried to settle in my throat, but I shoved it aside. I could cry and get maudlin and sad later, when I wasn’t dealing with a cutthroat bitch and her flying monkey.

Or witch…

I smirked, amusing myself as I pictured Cherise a lovely shade of green.

The smile faded, and fast, as she lifted a hand from her side.

“It’s time to be done with you, darling,” she said.

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