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Reckless Heat

75.000 words stand-alone romance novel with a guaranteed Happy Ever After.
Some people call me reckless and say my stunts are too dangerous. Others call them completely insane. But they all stare with their mouths wide open, because when somebody’s jumping 300 feet in the air, while going 100 miles an hour on a bike, you just can’t look away.

My name is Drew Mickelson and I’m a professional stunt rider. Whenever I’m not performing at local fairs and shows, I’m practicing my next death defying routine. It’s all I do, and I got no time in my life for anything else, especially a woman.

When Jinx Lockley agrees to spend the summer in her best friend’s hometown, she doesn’t expect anything exciting to happen… until she nearly gets run over by the reckless, but sexy stuntman, Drew Mickelson.
Sparks fly, but will she be able to tame him or will his recklessness destroy what they have, almost before it gets started?

Don’t miss, Reckless Heat, the latest sexy stand-alone romance from MS Parker.


I love M.S.Parkers book. Just enough sass and story line


Wow what a great story. I loved reading about Drew and Jinx, once I started I couldn’t stop reading.


I was NOT expecting some of the elements that were included in this book, but I LOVED all of it!

Lisa Ann,