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Pure Pleasures (Pleasure Series Book 3)

I knew I’d done the right thing by leaving him. He deserved someone who could give him everything he wanted, and that couldn’t be me. I’d been broken far too long.

When twenty-two year-old Jenna Lang leaves the man she loves because she can’t give him children, she believes she’s making the right choice. As much as it breaks her heart, she wants him to move on and be happy. She tries to do the same, but she knows that, without Rylan, she’ll never have her happy ending.

Don’t miss Pure Pleasures, the final installment in M.S. Parker’s dark and emotional Pleasures series.



M.S. Parker’s Pure Pleasures has super steamy scenes, real-life topics, shocking truths and a love story that will bring you to tears. A phenomenal read!


Can I give it more than 5 stars?
I was blown away with this book and could hardly put it down and when I did it was done grudgingly. I can honestly say I just wanted to reach into the book and give Jenna a big hug.


I love Rylan and Jenna and I think M.S wrote the ending perfectly.




I’d done a lot of difficult things in my life, some by force, some by choice, but this had been the hardest. I’d survived thirteen years of abuse so horrific that it made some of the most hardened members of law enforcement blanch. I’d practically raised myself after being passed from one foster home to another. I’d testified before grand juries, reliving my abuse. I’d nearly been raped and killed again not too long ago, then I’d given up justice to protect the innocent.

None of that compared to walking out of that house.

The cab driver didn’t say a word after I told him to take me to a hotel, and I was grateful. I was sure he had his suspicions about why I’d had him pick me up by the road, but I didn’t feel the need to explain myself. I really didn’t care what the man thought of me. It was clear where I was coming from. Ever since that magazine article declared twenty-eight year-old Rylan Archer, billionaire CEO of Archer Enterprises, one of the country’s most eligible bachelors, his house outside Fort Collins, Colorado, wasn’t exactly a secret. A young woman coming out of the house early in the morning, well, it didn’t take a genius to figure out what I’d been doing there. Read More…