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Pure Lust Vol. 3

Gabriella Baine is going to marry the man of her dreams…if her monster-in-law-to-be doesn’t drive her away first. As she struggles to deal with wedding plans, she’s also beginning to realize that, no matter how much she tries, she can’t stay away from her fiancé’s younger brother, Flynn McCreary. He’s arrogant, rude and lashes out at everyone around him, but that doesn’t stop her from going back to him for work. When the unthinkable happens, it forces Gabriella to make the biggest decision of her life.

Don’t miss the penultimate installment of the heart-wrenching and steamy Pure Lust series by M.S Parker and Cassie Wild.


The suspense at the end of this volume was off the charts, I struggled to get to sleep worrying about these characters and where these two talented authors would take us in the next one.


I love this book! As I was reading, I found myself talking to Gabby in my head. “Yes,yes!”, I’d encourage her or “No, no! Don’t do that!” It wasn’t until I got to the last page that my voice could no longer be held inside as I shouted ,”No! No! Don’t make me wait for the next book!!!” M.S.Parker and Cassie Wild continue to hold my mind hostage in Pure Lust 3!


Love, lust and emotions are running high in this penultimate book in the Pure Lust series penned by both M S Parker and Cassie Wild, which has to be one of their best to date.



It’s official. I’m in the seventh circle of hell.

I’d gotten rid of the boss who was possibly the devil’s daughter, only to have her replaced by her evil twin…a wedding planner who breathed fire.

The worst part was, it didn’t have to be this way.

In my purse, I had the list of names Cody had given me and I’d already called three of them, one of which I’d all but fallen in love with. She was the sweetest lady ever and her Mississippi drawl had left me sort of homesick and longing to go back home and see my family.

But this morning, I’d been jerked out of a sound sleep by the buzzer.

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