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Brody: I never let anyone get close. It’s too easy to lose the people you love. Just like I lost my mother, Shannon, after whom I named my business. That strategy has worked splendidly, until the night my steel walls were shattered by a single kiss.

Freedom: What harm is a little New Year’s Eve kiss? It doesn’t mean anything. The same applies to a New Year’s Eve hook-up, right? Except I can’t get that infuriating man out of my mind. Not even to focus on the most important task of my life, completing my last semester at Stanford.

At his distillery, Brody McCrae crafts a fine Scottish whiskey, while Freedom Mercier is finishing her Master’s degree with big plans to change the world. When the two of them are brought together at a holiday party, neither one can predict the impact that moment will have on their lives…and those they love.

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