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New stand-alone novel in M.S. Parker’s: The Scottish Billionaires.

Baylen McFann: A week ago, I was engaged to be married. Now, I’m single and humiliated.

My wife to be–also my business partner–eloped with her ex, and left me, not only without a fiancée but also with a mismanaged, almost bankrupt business.

My parents, of course, scolded me. How could I be so stupid?

Now I’m stuck in coach instead of a private jet until I can redeem myself. One thing is for sure. I’ll never mix business with pleasure again.

When Baylen, the middle son in the wealthy McFann family, discovers that his fiancée has left him, he escapes Scotland to find advice from his friend across the pond, Alec McCrae. When Alec presents his newest statistical analyst, Harlee Sumpter, he’s already smitten.

Is Baylen really done mixing business with pleasure, or will Harlee be too tempting to avoid?

Find out in Business or Pleasure, the latest steamy romance in M. S. Parker’s bestselling series, The Scottish Billionaires.