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More Pleasures (Pleasures 2.5)

Pleasures Series

I’d sworn to myself that I’d never give my heart away again, that I’d be content with meaningless flings. So why did I feel so empty?

Like in His Pleasures, we take another step back into sexy billionaire, Rylan Archer’s past. Still a bachelor at twenty-eight, Rylan is everything a woman could want. Handsome. Intelligent. Rich.
But ever since he caught his fiancée cheating on him with another woman, he’s sworn off love and relationships. Only now, he finds himself unfulfilled and wondering if, maybe, he’s made a mistake.

Don’t miss the arousing novella that gives you another glimpse into the mind of Rylan Archer, the sexy billionaire in M.S. Parker’s Pleasures series.



I’ve enjoyed this series since it’s beginning, and this is another taste of the same story.


She is an amazing author and will hook you into every story you she has wrote! Can’t wait to see how Jenna and Rylan’s story finishes! ~impatient fan~.

-Ashley, Amazon

Good book highly recommended

-Dawn Quinn,



She’d been watching me for two months, peeking up at me through lowered lashes as other men led her past me. I’d been frequenting The Den for a few weeks, choosing whichever free Subs caught my attention, when she’d appeared. She was small, barely five feet tall, and if she weighed a hundred pounds, I’d have been shocked.

While I didn’t exactly have a type when it came to physical appearance – all hair colors, eye colors and skin tones welcome – I did generally prefer women who were at least average height and had some curves or muscles. Women like her, ones who were so petite, I always felt like I had to hold back or run the risk of breaking them. And while I was a Dom and enjoyed some S&M play, I wasn’t into causing real pain.

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