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Married A Stripper

I should have known that going to Vegas with Astra would cause more problems than it solved, but I never imagined that her latest scheme would completely change my life.

Senator’s daughter, Piety Van Allen, wakes up in Las Vegas with no memory of the previous night’s escapes. Not only does she find a naked stranger in her bed, but when she learns that she’s now married to the handsome Australian stripper from Flames Down Under, panic erupts.

However, her best friend, Astra, comes up with a plan that could solve everything…or cause even more problems.


What a fantastic story!! Of course there’s a cliff hanger, but I believe it will be worth the wait! Great job Authors!!


This was a great read. I really enjoyed it. All the characters kept things interesting.

Jamie Leigh,

Started out like any other romance but loved the twist in the story that made the book so much better.

Yolanda Jones,