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Make Me Yours: Billionaire’s Sub 2

The last few months with Cross have been the best of my life. I should’ve known that it wouldn’t last. I just never dreamed that things could go from good to bad so fast.

When a trip back to Ohio for Thanksgiving starts a chain-reaction that drives apart lovers Hanna Breckenridge and Cross Phillips, they find themselves at odds over what they want from their lives. As someone from Hanna’s past returns, a new woman in Cross’s life will change everything.

Don’t miss Make Me Yours, the sequel to The Billionaire’s Sub, by best-selling author M.S. Parker.


Another brilliant read by the talented MS Parker. I love everything she writes and again I wasn’t disappointed.

KA Sierra,

The storyline was great. Characters well developed and very emtional indeed.
This book as well as book one had family, love, happiness, sadness, betrayal and hot scenes. Gave me a new view on the BDSM world. Highly recommend.


Great read and characters, loved this series and my first time with this author. Will buy more the writing is superb




I heard him moving around the room but kept my eyes down, my hands clasped behind my back. The cool air caressed my bare skin, making my nipples tighten even harder than they already were. I’d been kneeling like this for only a few minutes, but in the playroom, time seemed to stretch and bend in all sorts of ways. There weren’t any clocks in here because when it was time to play, Cross always made sure we didn’t have anything else planned for the remainder of the day.

He liked to take his time.

It was hard to believe that we’d been together for nearly five months. I’d come to Hollywood to get some distance from my parents and to spend time with my older sister, Juliette, but I hadn’t planned on staying. Not exactly, anyway. All I’d known was that I hadn’t wanted to go back to Zanesville, Ohio to spend the rest of my life managing the family business and taking a backseat to my perfect brother, RJ.

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