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Love And Honor (The Lightwood Affair Book 3)

No more cliffhangers. This is the final book in the series.
When Honor Daviot ended up two hundred years in the past, she never expected to fall in love…or to become a part of history working for George Washington. Now, pregnant and helping the cause in Paris, her husband decides that it would be in everyone’s best interest if she returns home to the colonies.

Honor, however, knows that America in 1776 isn’t going to be safe for very long. As the Revolutionary War escalates, Honor and her husband, Gracen, find themselves facing tragedy and loss while attempting to keep the future on track.

Don’t miss Love and Honor, the thrilling conclusion to M.S. Parker’s time travel series.


Omg BEST time travel book I’ve ever read the story line was written beautifully, my hat off once again to the writer.

Hope Metcalf,

Great continuation to a unique story. Not many authors could pull off a story like this but M.S. Parker.


I have now read the series, and believe me readers you will want to buy these books. I already follow this author but this set of books surpass the others

Carole Buick,