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LA Misbehaved

L.A. Misbehaved is a 324 pages stand-alone sequel to Married a Stripper.
My best friend just got married – for real this time – and she’s having a baby. Then, she tells me that she and Kaleb are moving to L.A.. That’s just the beginning of my world imploding.

When Astra Traore played matchmaker for her best friend, Piety, she never imagined that it would lead her to a new life in Los Angeles. As she finds her footing and place in a new city, she can’t help wondering if love is going to be a part of that equation.

Dash Lahti has always been very focused, and his latest project has become an obsession. As he works toward finally reaching the completion of his clinic, he doesn’t think anything can distract him…until he runs into a feisty woman straight out of a fairy tale.

Dash and Astra couldn’t be more different, but the sparks when they come together are undeniable. Will they be able to get past all of the obstacles in their way, and work through the baggage in Dash’s past, or will it all become too much?

Don’t miss L.A. Misbehaved, Cassie Wild and M.S. Parker’s steamy sequel to Married A Stripper.


Another great story by M.S Parker. I love reading all of her books, she keeps you wanting more.


I really enjoyed this book and would recommend everyone to read it

carol sonnet,

Another great story by M.S. Parker that you won’t want to put down or see the end of.