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Indecent Encounter: The Silverhaus Affair

College student, Chelsea Carerra, is in desperate need of money to get her autistic brother into the right program, so she accepts a job as a maid in Holland for the summer break. What she doesn’t know is that the owner, Alex Silverhaus, isn’t the man she expected. Instead of being greeted by a wealthy older man, she finds a gorgeous playboy fighting to make the movie he’s always dreamed of.

The chemistry between them is explosive, but with the world against them and misunderstandings at every turn, will Chelsea and Alex ever get their happy ever after?

Don’t miss the sizzling standalone romance, Indecent Encounter, from best-selling author, M. S. Parker.


I love this author and this is one of her longer works which means I loved it that bit more lol.


I recommend that if you were to read any of M.S. Parker’s books then it should be this one.

Atlanta Whitlock,

A brilliant story that has to be in the top ten reads of 2016 . Loved it



Chapter 1


He was out on a date and there was nothing I could do about it. She was a friend of his from the office and he talked about her often. He said it was just dinner, but he put on a tie, and I smelled the aftershave he only wore on fancy occasions. After he left, whistling his way down the front steps of the house, I lay on the couch with a blanket over me like a shroud. I’d begged him not to go, I even cried, but that hadn’t stopped him. I was only eight years old.

Karl, my younger brother, sat on the floor in front of the television with a plastic Frisbee precariously balanced on the edge of the coffee table. It was his latest obsession and when he had it, nothing else mattered, not even his sister playing dead on the couch. Oblivious to its instability, he spun it anyway and happily flapped his hands like a bird as it went around and around, faster as it started to fall. As soon as it clattered to the bare wood floor and was still, Karl picked it up and spun it again.

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