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His Pleasures

Pleasures Series

Free bonus novella in the USA Today Bestselling Pleasure series. Can be read separate from the other books in the series.

She was supposed to be my forever, but she broke my heart and betrayed my trust.

Self-made billionaire, Rylan Archer, has had his fair share of heartbreaks before finding the love of his life, Jenna Lang.

Four years ago, he was about to ask his girlfriend for her hand in marriage, but after finding her in bed with another woman, it quickly changed.

Without a plan, he takes up his younger sister’s offer of a weekend with her and her friends in the family cabin. He thinks it’ll just be drinking and skiing. What he doesn’t expect is to have three of his sister’s friends more than ready to help him forget all about his heartbreak.

Don’t miss His Pleasures, a novella from Rylan’s POV, that gives a glimpse into the past of the sexy billionaire from M.S. Parker’s Pleasure series.



Very good read would recommend it to any one.

-Ken Smith,

This was hot!

-Angie, Amazon

This is a great wee novella in the Pleasure series and I loved finding out about Rylan pre Jenna.

5 stars.




I was still in a daze as I walked into the hotel and asked for a room. The desk clerk smiled at me and asked if I was here for the skiing. When I didn’t reply, the smile faltered and I knew he was chalking me up as some rich kid asshole, but for once I didn’t care. When told that only the most expensive room was left, I took it. Why not? I was doing well – more than well if I was going to be honest – and after what I’d just seen, I deserved a bit of a splurge. Besides, what was the point of having been a self-made millionaire for the past couple years if I didn’t spend any money on the things I wanted.

I still didn’t understand what happened. I’d known Lara Roache since she was seventeen and we’d started dating when she’d turned eighteen. Even though my sister and my best friend had both told me that it wasn’t a good idea, I’d asked Lara to move into my apartment after just eight months. We’d celebrated our two year anniversary last week and I’d already started looking at rings. I figured an engagement at Christmas, then a year or two to plan the wedding. We’d still be fairly young to get married, but not crazy young.

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