Hero: The Complete Series Box Set

Special Forces soldier, Haze Welch, is military born and raised. Serving the country is what the Welch men do, and all Haze has ever wanted.
But during a 18-month tour overseas, his world shatters in an instant. Haze gets injured and is not able to return to active duty.
Unable to face the thought of spending the rest of his life behind a desk, he accepts a job offer as a personal bodyguard in Los Angeles for the flighty heiress Leighton Machus.

After all, one spoiled little girl would be a piece of cake compared to everything else I’ve been through, right?

Little does Haze Welch know, he’s about to get a rude awakening.



Just when you think MS Parker’s books cannot get any hotter she gives us Hero, just the cover alone is drool worthy, and once you dive into the story Haze will capture your heart and longings.


Was thrilled to finally get the whole story in the box set. Once you start this one make sure you have the time to finish it. You won’t want to put it down!

-BlueEyes, Amazon

What a treat getting this tale as a boxed set, I read it as individual books and have to say how good the story is and not having to wait to see how it evolves has got to be a bonus.






Everything was wrong, and I wanted to blame Ricky. He was flirting with a woman who kept trying to tug down the hem of her white dress. The cheap scrap of fabric was too tight, and it kept slipping further up her thighs every time she shifted on her too-high heels. She didn’t belong here. Probably some farm girl transplant trying to make it as a model or actress or whatever else people came to LA to do. Too bad.

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