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Hero: Battle

Haze Welch has done something stupid. He’s fallen for the girl he’s being paid to protect. Worse than that, while he’s home for a family emergency, his charge is kidnapped. As he races back to LA, he’s determined to do whatever it takes to find Leighton and make sure she’s safe again. He can only pray he’s not too late.


I’d survived a lot, but I wasn’t sure I could survive losing Leighton.


With the woman he loves in more danger than ever, Haze puts everything on the line, including his heart.


Don’t miss the exciting finale to the sizzling military series, Hero.


This book is intense, full of drama, action, suspense, kidnapping, love, romance, great story, you will be pulled in to this action, romance series, truly awesome story, so enjoyed this series.❤️❤️.

Carol’s Keeper,

I want to give this SIX SOLID stars. It is so worth it!

Patti Correa,

I thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy. I didn’t want to put it down and just had to keep reading. Wonderful sweet love story with a happy ending.




It was dark.

Dark enough that it was impossible to tell if it smothered me or scared me with empty distance. I was afraid to move, afraid to find out if I was encased in blackness, or left in a black void. All I knew was that I was terrified.

Haze. I needed to think of Haze.

My mind clung to him, and the darkness became wide fields as I drifted into a dream.

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