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The Ambush (Hero Book 2)

Haze Welch used to serve his country in the Special Forces. Now he’s relegated to babysitting spoiled heiress Leighton Machus, the party girl with whom Haze had a one-night stand four years ago. A one-night stand he hasn’t been able to get out of his mind since. Despite her behavior, he can’t help but think there’s more to Leighton than what she portrays. And there’s definitely more to the situation than meets the eye.
I couldn’t get her out of my mind, but to save her life, I just might have to.

With Leighton in danger, Haze must decide what’s more important: his feelings, or her life.
Don’t miss book 2 in HERO, the steamy second installment of MS Parker’s first military series.


Seriously could not put this book down until it was done. The suspense, the danger and the sexual pull between Haze and Leighton, it’s a wonder either could function day to day.


The more I read from M. S. Parker, the more impressed I become.
So far the Hero series has kept me on the edge of my seat. Seriously! It’s one of the most difficult books to walk away from.


I don’t usually write about a series until I have read the final book, but I have found the first two books so enthralling that I have to say something.
The plot is gripping and the characters are real.




Admitting that the tight pain in my head was more regret than a hangover did nothing to help it go away. I managed to make it upstairs to my room, but it still wasn’t private enough. The space was too big, filled with too much. I went inside my walk-in closet and shut the door, leaving me in blissful near dark. One sparkling night light shone in the corner, leaving everything else in shadows. I leaned against the door.

The night came back to me in jagged pieces, some moments sharp enough to cut.

The challenge in Haze Welch’s chocolate brown eyes was one of those. He was my bodyguard, no more than a hired babysitter, but he always seemed to be daring me to be something more than the spoiled LA heiress I was.

Aside from my little brother, Ian, Haze was the only man in my life who looked at me and saw potential. The unscripted stretch of what he thought was within my range scared me.

Last night, it had scared me right out to a party in the Hollywood hills where I played my old role to perfection. The memories from last night washed over me, some in fragments, some in images, but enough to put together a general picture of what happened. Some places were more detailed than others, but the story they told was undeniable.

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