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Goodreads 3



French Connection Vol. 3

Club Privé Series

I’d given Gavin everything, including my trust, and I’d thought we’d worked past our problems here in Cannes. Then I saw him kissing Alizee…

The trip to France that was supposed to bring them closer together keeps tearing Carrie and Gavin apart, this time thanks to Alizee Padovani. Carrie wants the lies to stop, but when her journalist friend, Pierre, tells her she can’t confront Gavin without putting innocent lives in danger, she finds herself caught in a web of deceit. What she doesn’t know is that being quiet might be just as deadly.

Everything comes to a head for Carrie and Gavin in the final installment of M.S. Parker’s exciting French Connection series. You won’t want to miss it!



M.S. Parker continues to wow me!


Great books! I breathed them in. Highly addictive!

-Oana, Amazon

Fantastic read

-Sharon Anders,



I was going to throw up.

My stomach lurched and I turned to run. If I was going to be any more humiliated than I already was, I wanted to be as far away from the public as I could get before it happened.

Gavin had kissed Alizee.

Part of me said it had to be a mistake, like what had happened with Felice and Marguerite. I’d jumped to conclusions then and had been wrong. I shouldn’t do the same thing here.

There was only one problem with that line of thinking. Gavin hadn’t lied to me before. Not a direct lie. Sure, he’d hidden where he was going, but that had been because he’d been trying to surprise me with a gift. This morning, he’d said he had a meeting with Vincent. And then I’d caught him on a yacht with Alizee. Kissing her. It was possible, I supposed, that Vincent was there too and he hadn’t told Gavin that Alizee would be there, but that felt too much like I was trying to convince myself. I’d never understood people who couldn’t see what was going on right under their noses, but now I got it. It was too painful to face the truth.

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