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French Connection Vol. 2

Club Privé Series

A trip to France was supposed to fix everything for Gavin and me. Two weeks in one of the most romantic places on Earth should’ve been a dream come true. Instead, it was turning out to be a nightmare.

When Carrie arrives at her hotel to find two naked women in bed, claiming that Gavin invited them, she thinks things can’t get any worse. Then she meets Alizee, yet another gorgeous woman who has her sights set on Carrie’s man. To distract herself from her boyfriend’s constant interaction with these women, Carrie teams up with Pierre, a handsome local journalist trying to uncover a sex trafficking ring in the Cannes. Despite a renewal of passion in their sex life, Carrie can’t help but wonder if this is the beginning of the end for her and Gavin.

You won’t want to miss the second book in M.S. Parker’s sizzling series, Club Prive – French Connection.


M.S. Parker is truly one of the best authors that I have had the privilege to read and review for.

-Dena Munoz,

This is a thriller/romance story that is HOT and full of the realities that affect couples in their every day life.

-Gloria Herrera, Amazon

Great read.

-Lisa H,



Carrie was going to be pissed at me. I’d gotten her text saying she was heading back to the hotel, but I’d been right in the middle of texting her back to let her know I’d gotten hung up and would be there as soon as possible when my phone had died. I knew she’d been annoyed at the party by how Felice had been dragging me around, but it hadn’t been like I’d had much of a choice in the matter. I couldn’t afford to piss off someone who so obviously had the ear of my potential partner. And then I’d needed to leave so I could get to Monique in time. I had a feeling that hadn’t gone over very well either, and it had only been Kelsey Larson’s presence that had stopped Carrie from saying anything right then.

My hand tightened around the package. I hadn’t realized until after the fact that my subterfuge, meant to build up to the romantic surprise I had for her would, in fact, probably just make her mad. I could only hope that she’d had a good enough conversation with Kelsey to be only mildly annoyed at my behavior. Once I explained and gave her the custom-made necklace I’d commissioned, I knew she’d understand. I hated knowing I’d upset her, though, even if it was only for a bit and for a good reason.

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