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French Connection Vol. 1

Club Privé Series

The past year should have been everything I’d ever dreamed. Why, then, did I feel like something was missing?

Things have been quiet for Carrie Summers and her boyfriend, Gavin Manning, since they took down Gavin’s business partner for kidnapping and sex trafficking, among other things. Carrie is working as a pro bono lawyer, fighting for abused and exploited people, and Gavin has been hard at work changing Club Privé into a dance club. In all their hard work, however, they’ve lost the spark between them. Could a trip to the French Rivera be just what they need to bring the life back into their relationship…and their club?

Don’t miss the premiere installment of M.S. Parker’s Club Privé – French Connection, featuring her first red-hot couple, Carrie and Gavin.



I loved the Club Prive series. A great read. I had to read all the series. I would love to read more series about the characters.


Great book ..once you start reading it you just can’t put it down.

-Jo Ann Macey, Amazon

Ms Parker has done it again.

-Love To Read Romance Books,



I leaned back in my chair and stretched my arms above my head. My elbows popped, a sensation filled with both tension and release. I rolled my head, trying to loosen the tight muscles in my neck and shoulders. When I’d been a paralegal at Webster and Steinberg, I thought I knew what it was like to have to sit at a desk for hours at a time. Now, after almost a year of running my own pro bono law office, specializing in sexual harassment and sex trafficking cases, I knew just how naïve I’d been. I looked back longingly at eight-hour days.

Not that I was really complaining. I loved my job. I’d been good at divorce law, and there had been a few times when I’d been able to see the good I was doing. But with this, being able to select my own cases and experience the difference I was making in people’s lives, I felt like my years of hard work were finally paying off.

Like now, I had this pet project going on. A few months back, a soft-spoken woman came into my Manhattan office and told me her daughter had been tricked into the sex trade. Once I’d gotten the name, I’d known why she’d come to me rather than the cops. Client confidentiality would prevent me from sharing the fact that Robyn Leeds, daughter of the governor, had chosen to trade her body for money. Since my office was just me and my assistant, Zoe Masters, Mrs. Leeds felt she could trust us to be discreet.

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