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Exotic Desires Vol. 1

When my life in Philadelphia imploded, I decided to party my way through Europe. I was looking for direction. Instead, I found HER.

After having lost the only woman he’d ever loved, twenty-seven year-old Reed Stirling rejects his parents’ plans for him to take over the family business and travels to Europe, searching for a revelation as to what he’s supposed to do with his life. What he finds instead is something else entirely.

Nami Carr isn’t like other girls. She knows what her family expects from her and is determined to have a bit of fun before giving in to their demands. When she meets Reed Stirling, however, all bets are off.

Don’t miss the first book in the Sinful Desires steamy spin-off series, Exotic Desires by best-selling author M.S. Parker.



Wow… I just finished this volume a few moments ago and my head is still spinning. I mean the chemistry that Reed and Nami have together is so amazing that it practically set my kindle on fire I mean it was scorching.

Carrie Renteria,

OMG what a great storyline this book had, it had it all, drama, passion and romance. I personally enjoyed reading this author’s books. Excellent writing and the author has done a awesome job. ENJOY.

Stormy Lover,

Who doesn’t love Reed Sterling?? If you haven’t meet him yet your missing out. Another great volume from MS Parker and I can’t wait see where it goes. All of Parkers books are organial and each has its own different twist and this one was no different, a fantastic read.

Loius Rodgers-Thomas,




Paris, France.

I’d arrived three days ago, coming by way of London, Glasgow, Vienna, and Rome, as well as Moscow and Berlin. None of these places were like home and I was grateful for that.


I ran my hand through my hair, ignoring the appreciative looks from the women in the café. I knew I was good-looking. I wasn’t conceited, just honest. That was one of the vows I’d made to myself when I left Philadelphia a couple months ago. No more lies. Lies were the reason I’d been traveling around Europe, wearing out my welcome with various college friends. If I’d just been honest back then, with her, things might’ve turned out different.

I shook my head and drained the last of my drink. I didn’t want to think about Piper Black. After all, the entire point of coming to Europe was to get away from her. I managed a wry smile. Another lie. It wasn’t just Piper I was running from, the same way it wasn’t her who’d made me turn my entire life upside-down. She’d just been the catalyst who had started the whole damn thing.

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