I’d never planned a romantic getaway before and it was harder than I’d thought. It wasn’t just about booking a room to party in. It was putting together a bunch of pieces to create a perfect weekend. The worst part was, I didn’t have anyone I could talk to.

If I’d been planning this for my wife or if I’d been able to date Katka openly, I could’ve gone to the other sister for help. I could’ve even gone to Samuel then, but no way in hell could I tell my brother that I was taking my wife’s sister to New York so we could avoid my dad’s ‘anti-infidelity’ spies. I couldn’t put Samuel in that situation.

All my life, Samuel had been the only one of my family who’d ever been on my side. I just couldn’t ask him to lie or hide my affair from our father, especially since he seemed to like Livie a great deal. My family hadn’t spent much time with my wife, but she’d managed to charm them nonetheless. They weren’t exactly scheduling family vacations, but my father had actually admitted that he liked her, so that was something. Actually, it was a lot more than something. I was shocked.

The downside to my dad liking my wife made things even more complicated. If Dad found out I was cheating on her, he’d be even more pissed than he would’ve been if I’d simply disobeying him. I’d be in breach of contract and lose my inheritance, my allowance, my home and my car. I’d also have my father and at least Samuel guilting me for what they’d see as a betrayal of my marriage vows.

Thing was, I didn’t think Livie would mind what I was doing, as long as I didn’t get caught and ruin the business arrangement she and I had. The two of us weren’t romantically involved, never had been. She’d made it abundantly clear from moment one that she didn’t want me that way. She also loved her sister. I didn’t talk to her about Katka much, not wanting to tip my hand and accidentally give something away, but it was clear in how Livie talked about her, the work she did was to make a better life for both of them.

I blew out a long breath as I checked the clock again. Forty minutes until I was supposed to meet Katka at the train station. Normally, I’d take much more expensive and lavish transportation from Philadelphia to New York City, but Katka and I were trying to stay under the radar, and the train was the best way to do it. I didn’t think it was a very romantic start to our weekend, but she’d assured me that it made sense and she didn’t mind.

Yet another thing I loved about my Kat. Having grown up in an orphanage in the Czech Republic after her parents were murdered, she should’ve been all about the money and the things I could give her. Even if it wasn’t in a selfish way, a lot of times people who spent years living in poverty never wanted to go back to that again, so they would focus on the best things they could get. Katka never asked for anything. Never seemed displeased with anything. She didn’t complain about us not going out or not accompanying me to fancy events.

Now that I thought about it, Livie wasn’t like that either. The two of them had that in common, as well as their determination. While Katka wasn’t as driven as her minutes older twin, I could see that once she set her mind to something, she would do it, no matter what.

I smiled fondly as I realized that was the reason the two of us had ended up together. She’d made a choice about me and here I was. If she hadn’t been so stubborn and intent on proving that I wasn’t a good guy, we never would’ve slept together.

“Hey.” Samuel’s voice came from the doorway. “Hannah was wondering if you and Livie wanted to come over for dinner tonight.”

“Huh?” I blinked at my brother and then his words registered. “Oh, um, not tonight.”

“Tomorrow then?”

“We have plans,” I blurted out. “The whole weekend, actually. But maybe next week.”

Samuel’s eyes, gray like mine with a hint of blue, narrowed and I knew he was trying to figure out if I was up to something. Samuel wasn’t the oldest of my four older siblings, but he was the only one who’d ever really been supportive of me. My oldest brother thought I was a fuck-up and my sisters pretty much disregarded everything I did. Samuel was the one who looked out for me and knew me best. I could tell that, right now, he suspected I was doing something stupid.

He wasn’t wrong, but I wasn’t going to let him know that, of course.

My phone buzzed and I glanced at it. My hotel reservation confirmation had come through. I hadn’t chosen the most expensive hotel in the city because the Westmore name, while not as well known in New York as it was here, was still enough to get attention. Especially with my first name attached. I’d generally kept my partying to Philly, but I’d made a few trips into NYC over the years and the hotel staff would remember me. I’d managed to find a nice, quiet one that I hadn’t frequented and it was near a fancy, but not pretentious restaurant. We weren’t planning to go out to a club or anything like that for this trip, but at least we’d have some sort of a normal date.

“Well, you look like you’re completely distracted.” Samuel sounded amused. “So I’ll just be going. Let me know when you and Livie are free. Hannah really wants to get to know your wife.” He grinned at me. “I’m pretty sure Livie’s snarky comment to Benjamin last week made her Hannah’s new hero.”

I smiled at that. I knew I hadn’t been the only one who’d appreciated seeing my eldest brother put in his place. That night had given me a new appreciation of the type of person Livie was.

I didn’t dwell on that though. It was time to go and meet my Kat.

The train ride wasn’t as bad as I’d thought it would be, though it could’ve been because I spent the entire ride with Katka curled up against me, close enough that I could smell her floral shampoo. She was tall enough that tucking her feet up under her should’ve been uncomfortable, but she didn’t complain. If anything, she looked entirely content. We held hands and made small talk, enjoying the relaxing ride. I told her about our reservations, both at the hotel and the restaurant, enjoying the thrill of excitement that went through me at the look of sheer delight on her face. I’d never realized how much I would love to see her excited by something I did. Then again, I did love seeing how I could make her come apart beneath me…

By the time we arrived at the hotel, I was extremely glad I hadn’t made those dinner reservations for tonight. I intended to be very busy as soon as we got to our room. I did ask Katka if she was hungry though. I’d be willing to work around room service.

“Not for food.”

The sultry smile that accompanied her barely audible reply was almost enough to make me forget the elderly couple standing next to us in the elevator. If they hadn’t been there, the guys monitoring the security footage for the elevators would’ve gotten an eyeful. The thought of another man seeing any part of my Kat, however, made me frown. Elevator sex was definitely out then. I didn’t want anyone but me seeing her expression when she came.

“Is something wrong?” she asked, concern in her voice.

I shook my head and threw the thoughts aside. “Just eager to get to our room.”

“Me too.” She smiled at me, her dark green eyes sparkling. “I brought something special for you.”

Shit. She was seriously testing my self-control.

As soon as I opened the door to our suite, I started to reach for her, but she moved out of arm’s reach and headed for the bathroom.

“While you put our things in the bedroom, I will go change,” she called over her shoulder. “I do not want to wait any longer.”

She was almost as impatient as I was. I carried the bags through the small sitting room and into the bedroom. It was just as gorgeous in real life as it had been in the pictures I’d found. A king-sized bed in the center of the room with a bedspread and pillows that matched the taupe-colored walls. The wall to my left wasn’t so much a wall as it was glass with a pair of French doors in the center that led out to a balcony. The curtains that hung across the glass were opaque, thick enough that people couldn’t see in, but would still allow in light to keep the room from being completely dark. Tied at either side of the wall were heavy burgundy curtains I felt sure would close out all of the light completely.

I’d just kicked off my shoes and was putting some things into the closet when the bathroom door opened. I turned and my jaw dropped. The dress shirt I’d been in the process of hanging up fell to the floor and I didn’t care.

“Kat.” I almost squeaked like some adolescent boy.

“I am taking that to mean you like it?”

I nodded, not trusting myself with another attempt to speak though I wanted to clarify that I more than liked what she was wearing. I’d seen a lot of lingerie in my life, but never anything quite like this. It was silk and lace, put together so that it hugged every curve, almost as if it had been made for her. Unlike a lot of lingerie, what she was wearing covered most of her breasts, but with a sheer material slit in such a way that it offered tantalizing glimpses of her pale flesh. It wasn’t until she took a few steps towards me that I realized the rest of the garment was cut that same way so every movement revealed and hid.

“Livie designed it,” Katka said as she pushed a few wayward curls back from her face. “She prefers dresses, but I convinced her that lingerie may have its perks.”

“I definitely agree.” Even as I stared at Katka, I couldn’t help but think that I found the idea of Livie designing something like this to be a bit surprising. I didn’t think she was a nun or anything like that, but I also didn’t see her as a sexy lingerie kind of girl either.

“You are wearing too many clothes,” Katka said, reaching for my shirt.

I let her pull it over my head and toss it aside. Not many of the women I’d been with were tall enough to manage that without some help. I caught my breath as her fingers ran along my chest and down my stomach, blazing a trail of fire across my skin.


Her name was little more than a whisper, but it filled the air between us. Her fingers kept working on my pants, but she tilted her head back to look at me. I bent my head the short distance needed to bring our mouths together. There was heat and desire in the kiss, but not the fierce need that I’d felt before. This was something deeper, a longing for a connection beyond two bodies coming together.

I explored her mouth even as my hands explored the delicate garment she was wearing. My fingers slid between the fabric, caressing bare skin. It was beautifully designed to allow me access to some of Katka’s body, but not as much as I wanted. She moaned as we tumbled back onto the bed and I rolled her beneath me. My mouth made its way down her neck and then began to kiss and lick across the material covering her.

“Blayne, má lásko.” Her back arched, pushing her breasts against me. “I need you.”

I could see now that the entire thing was held together with a series of clasps and I began to unfasten them, my mouth following along as her body was exposed, inch by inch. When I moved back up to cup her breasts and take a nipple in my mouth, she cried out, letting out another string of Czech words. I teased first one, then the other, until they were both hard little points and Katka was writhing beneath me. I slid down her body until I was between her legs, pushing at my own clothes so that by the time I settled into place, I was naked.

I pressed my mouth against the inside of her thigh, sucking the tender skin into my mouth until I left a mark. I rarely ever did that, and it usually only happened when I got carried away. I never wanted anyone to think I was staking some sort of claim or something. Except this time, I was. I wanted her to be mine. I didn’t know what that meant exactly, in terms of the future, only that I wasn’t thinking of a time when she wasn’t with me.

“Blayne, please.” Her fingers curled in my hair. “I need you.”

I turned my attention from the bruise-like mark I’d left to the glistening flesh in front of me. I loved that I could make her so wet. When I ran the flat of my tongue across her, she made a pleased sound. I used my fingers to hold her open and began to explore as thoroughly as I’d done her mouth minutes before. She cried out as I teased her clit, circling the swollen bundle of nerves, then flicking across the top of it until she was begging me to let her come. I took her clit between my lips as I slid two fingers inside her.

Her hips jerked and I pressed my hand against her stomach to hold her in place as her body began to shake with pleasure. Her pussy contracted around my fingers and I worked with the muscles, twisting my fingers so that my knuckles rubbed against that spot inside her. She swore and the hand in my hair pulled hard enough to make my eyes water. I coaxed the orgasm to its highest point before removing my fingers and reaching for one of the condoms I’d put on the nightstand – the first thing I’d done when I came into the room.

I moved back up above her, but didn’t enter her despite the near-painful throbbing of my cock. Instead, I stretched out next to her and waited for her to be coherent enough to hear what I was going to say. When she turned her head to look at me, I slid my hand over her arm, loving the feel of her skin under my palm.

“I need you to know something.” My stomach knotted. I’d never said this before and I was terrified to say it now, but I had to. She needed to understand before this went any further. “I know this whole thing between us started out in a really fucked up way, but I don’t care about how we got here, only that we’re here.” I wrapped one of her curls around my finger. “And that I’m falling in love with you.”

Her eyes widened and, for a moment, she looked like she was waiting for some sort of punchline, something to prove I didn’t mean it. Then she turned towards me, her lips hard against mine. The passion in her kiss left me breathless and her own voice was faint when she spoke.

“I am falling in love with you, too.” She wrapped her arms around me, pulling me on top of her as she rolled onto her back. “Make love to me.”

I swallowed hard at her words. I’d fucked, had sex, slept with women, but I’d never made love, no matter how gentle the sex had been. As I slid inside her and felt our bodies come together in that most intimate of ways, I recognized the difference. I rocked my hips against her as she adjusted to me, waiting until she was ready before I began to move.

Her legs were around my waist, her nails digging into my shoulders, all the things that had happened before, but it wasn’t the same. My eyes were locked with hers and I could see my own feelings reflected back at me. Our bodies moved together as well as they ever had, but there was a new purpose, a new goal. We weren’t just chasing pleasure now. I was losing myself in her, losing where I ended and she began. And when we came together, the crash of pleasure seemed to join us even more fully. It wasn’t the hardest I’d ever come, but it was like nothing I’d experienced before, as if everything I’d felt up to that point had been amateur hour and I’d just graduated to the big leagues. It was somehow more, and as I held Katka close, I knew I could never go back to being who I was. That man was gone. I didn’t know who I was now, but I hoped it was someone better. Someone who could make all of this right, no matter the cost.

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