Chapter 1


I heard him moving around the room but kept my eyes down, my hands clasped behind my back. The cool air caressed my bare skin, making my nipples tighten even harder than they already were. I’d been kneeling like this for only a few minutes, but in the playroom, time seemed to stretch and bend in all sorts of ways. There weren’t any clocks in here because when it was time to play, Cross always made sure we didn’t have anything else planned for the remainder of the day.

He liked to take his time.

It was hard to believe that we’d been together for nearly five months. I’d come to Hollywood to get some distance from my parents and to spend time with my older sister, Juliette, but I hadn’t planned on staying. Not exactly, anyway. All I’d known was that I hadn’t wanted to go back to Zanesville, Ohio to spend the rest of my life managing the family business and taking a backseat to my perfect brother, RJ.

Then I’d met Cross Phillips, the thirty-year-old billionaire who’d introduced me to the BDSM lifestyle and stolen my heart. I’d been attracted to him from the first time I met him, and his presence during my sister’s abduction had only solidified my feelings for him. Four months ago, after my sister had been found safe and the people responsible were in jail, Cross had given me a collar.

Though I was still new to the lifestyle, I understood the level of commitment that came when a Dom gave a Sub a collar. It was a mark of ownership. Not like some freaky sex slave thing where he controlled every aspect of my life, but rather a way of letting others in that world know that I was taken.

That collar, a delicate silver choker designed to look enough like a necklace that I could wear it in public, was the only thing I had on at the moment. I wore it as often as I could, even if it didn’t always look right with what I was wearing. He hadn’t asked me to keep it on all the time, but I loved watching his slate gray eyes light up when he saw me with it on, especially when he hadn’t asked for it.

Today, however, he’d sent me a bouquet of irises – my favorite flower – with a card that had given me clear instructions. Well, clear to me anyway.

Put on my favorite outfit as soon as you get to my place. I have a special evening planned.

I’d spent the rest of the day at work completely distracted, my pussy throbbing in anticipation. I knew all too well the sorts of decadent things that awaited me in Cross’s playroom.

Even though I still technically lived with my sister, I spent enough time at his house to have space for my own clothes. I also had my own key. I used it to let myself in after work, then I’d done as he’d asked.

His favorite “outfit” was my collar. Nothing more.

So when he’d arrived home, I’d been waiting in the middle of the living room, wearing only the thin chain.

There were times when Cross wanted me hard and fast, but tonight would be one of those times he dragged things out. We’d eaten dinner with him only removing his jacket, tie, and shoes. I was completely naked. When we’d finished, we cleaned up, and only then had he touched me. Barely a brush of his lips against mine, but it was my signal – we were about to begin.

That had been ten minutes ago, and I was starting to get impatient. Cross could be demanding at times, but when he decided he wanted to take things slow, nothing could change his mind. I’d tried in the past and had ended up getting spanked hard enough to make sitting at work the next day decidedly uncomfortable.

So I waited, listening to him moving around the room, getting things ready for whatever it was he had planned. I couldn’t see him, but I could picture him clearly. His tall, muscular frame. Unruly white-blond hair. A classically handsome face that was a touch too rugged to be pretty. And a dimple that made me go weak in the knees when he smiled. Hell, just looking at him was enough to make my legs lose their strength.

I felt him before his feet entered my line of sight. When I saw his bare legs, I knew he’d stripped, and my stomach clenched. As gorgeous as he looked in everything he wore, his nude form was the sort of thing artists would fight over. I desperately wanted to look up, to let my gaze travel up his muscular legs to that narrow waist and all the deliciousness in between, but I knew I had to wait for his permission.

“Look at me.”

I almost sighed in relief. For me, the anticipation was always the worst part. Well, that, and when he wouldn’t let me touch him. I hated that.

When I raised my eyes, I took my time, savoring every inch of tanned skin, toned muscle. By the time I reached his face, my pulse had quickened, my breathing increased. When my gaze met his, I almost forgot to breathe.

“Open.” The command was ragged, telling me that this wouldn’t be some gentle sensation play or a bit of bondage. Cross wanted more, and I wanted whatever he would give me.

I opened my mouth, clenching my hands as I fought the urge to touch him. When the head of his cock slipped between my parted lips, I shivered. He ran his fingers through my wild curls, fisting them as his heavy shaft slid across my tongue. My hair had grown a bit since we’d first been together, mostly because he liked holding it, pulling it. I liked it too.

“Put a hand on my hip,” he ordered.

I obeyed, keeping my other hand behind my back. I knew what was coming, but he said it anyway. That’s how we did things. He’d tell me what he planned to do, giving me the chance to use my safe word. I hadn’t used it yet, probably because he always prepared me, but he loved taking me to the edge of my comfort zone, and then giving the smallest of nudges.

I also loved listening to his voice describing all of the things he wanted to do, he was going to do.

“Two taps on my hip if you can’t say your safe word,” he instructed. “Nod if you understand.”

It wasn’t easy to nod with a mouthful of cock, but I managed. My tongue twitched against him, eager to explore.

“I’m going to fuck your mouth.” It sounded almost conversational, the way he said it. “Create some suction, but don’t do anything else.”

I nodded again to show that I understood. Then his hand tightened in my hair, and he began to move. He started slow, gauging how far I could take him. I took slow breaths through my nose, then felt the urge to gag as the tip of him reached the back of my throat. My fingers curled into his hip, and he paused. When I didn’t tap out, he kept going, holding my head in place as I automatically struggled against him as he went deeper.

“Relax, baby,” he murmured. “You can do it, I know you can.”

Some part of my mind still wanted to argue when he said things like that, but I knew he had a sixth sense for this sort of thing, for knowing what I could handle, for just how much he could test my limits. So I let him fill me completely, let him hold me there for several seconds before pulling out. I coughed and gasped, feeling a burning in my throat, but when his cock brushed my lips again, I didn’t even hesitate.

This time, he wasn’t so easy, but he also didn’t go as far. Instead, he held my head tight and rocked his hips, thrusting in my mouth with shallow, brisk strokes. I had no control, could do nothing but suck on him as he fucked my mouth, but I never once considered ending it. I trusted him. He was in control, but I had the power, and that dynamic was what made us work.

Without warning, he pulled out and took a step back. “Up.”

I stood, panting hard as I tried to calm my breathing. He handed me a towel to wipe my face and then gestured toward the bed.

“Bend over, hands on the bed, feet shoulder width apart.”

I obeyed, the cool air brushing the wet skin between my legs.

“I told you once that a skilled Dom could make a Sub come with a flogger.”

I closed my eyes. Shit. He had talked about it, but I’d never really paid much attention since the conversations usually took place during moments like these. The entire time we’d been together, he’d stuck to using his hand when he spanked me.

“Now I’ll show you how it’s done.”

I heard the sound of a drawer opening, closing, then a gentle swishing. I jumped when the strips of leather touched me, even though he was only running them up and down my spine, my ass. I gasped as he moved them up between my legs, rubbing against me until I was moaning deep in my chest.

Then it was gone. I barely had time to process it before he brought the flogger down again, with force this time. It didn’t hurt, exactly, not even as much as his hand did, but a warm, tingling feeling spread across my skin. Three more strikes came down in quick succession, alternating cheeks.

I yelped as the fourth blow came up between my legs. It wasn’t hard at all, but the sensation was different from anything I’d felt before. The next one made me shudder. The next stung. He switched to my ass, then back to my pussy. Back and forth, he increased the intensity of the strikes until each one had a bite of pain with the pleasure.

“Spread your lips.”

I bit my bottom lip to hold in a whimper, but I moved one hand beneath me and used my fingers to hold myself open. My skin was hot under my fingers, more sensitive to my touch than it had ever been.

I closed my eyes and braced myself for what I knew was coming next.

The jolt of pain was immediately followed by a burst of white-hot pleasure. When the second one landed, I came. My head fell forward, my body tensing, shuddering through the bliss. A strong arm wrapped around my waist, holding me up for a moment before turning me over and sliding me back onto the bed. I whimpered as my ass rubbed against the expensive sheets. I was on fire.

Cross held my legs apart as he followed me onto the bed. My back arched, a cry coming from my lips as he ran his tongue over the sensitive, burning flesh between my legs. He tossed my thighs over his shoulders and began to use his mouth to soothe me. I writhed against him, dug my fingers into the sheets to keep from touching his head, from holding him against me while he drove me to a second, then third orgasm.

I was still shaking when he flipped me over. His hands, slick with a cool lotion, moved over my ass, easing the sting and burn. When he spread my cheeks, I waited for a probing finger, but what I felt teasing my hole was something else.

His tongue.

He’d talked to me about wanting to do this, but up until now, it’d only been talk. My eyelids fluttered as he worked his tongue over the rim of muscle, then past it. I moaned as a finger joined in, sliding in and out with a slow, steady rhythm. His free hand moved under me, pulling me up so that my ass was in the air and my head stayed on the sheets. After three orgasms, my muscles protested even the slightest effort, but I managed to hold myself up as he added a second finger.

“Where do you want me?” Cross asked as he ran his hand up my stomach to cup one of my breasts. He rolled my nipple between his thumb and forefinger, then gave it a sharp tug. “Do you want my cock in your ass or in your cunt?”

My brain could barely make sense of the words, much less give an answer. At this point, I didn’t care. I just wanted to feel him inside me.

“Let me be more specific,” he said as he shoved a third finger into me. “One hole gets my cock. The other will be filled with a new toy. I’m giving you the choice of what you want where, but if you don’t answer, I’ll place a plug in your ass, a vibrator in your cunt, and they’ll stay there all night while you suck me off every time I get hard.” He leaned over me, three fingers in my ass and his cock hard against my thigh. “So what’s it going to be? Where do you want my cock?”

For one terrifying moment, I thought I wouldn’t be able to answer, and I’d spend the rest of the night begging for relief. I finally managed to blurt out the first word that popped into my head. “Ass.”

“Good girl.” He pulled his fingers out, and a shudder ran through me at the sudden loss. “Let’s get that new toy ready. And no peeking.”

Less than a minute later, cool, hard silicone slid along my slit, teasing my entrance before the head breached me, spreading me wide. A strangled sort of sound came out of me as Cross worked the toy inside. It wasn’t smooth like the other toys he’d used. This one had bumps and ridges that rubbed and pressed against my walls as he pushed it into me. And it was big. Easily as big as Cross, and that was saying something. My legs shook as it filled me, one of the bumps pressing against my g-spot as it settled into place.

“How does that feel?” He ran his hand over my back.

All I could manage was a moan. He chuckled, that low, sensual sound that I loved so much.

“I’m going to fuck your ass,” he said matter-of-factly as he ran his hands over my hips. “Come as many times as you want, babe, but make sure you scream my name every time.”

Some people might’ve thought that was a joke, but I’d learned that if he said to scream his name, he meant it. If he felt me come and I didn’t do what he said, I’d be punished later.

When he slowly pushed his way inside me, I didn’t scream his name, but I did scream, pressing my face to the pillow to muffle the sound. He’d used his fingers and a thin butt plug at the same time as his cock before, but I’d never had two things that size inside me at the same time. I felt like I was being ripped apart, but it wasn’t all pain. His movement made the toy inside me shift and rub against my g-spot, coaxing pleasure into my tortured nerves.

He stopped for a moment once he was completely inside, but I knew it was for his own benefit rather than mine. He wanted me to come, wanted to bring me pleasure, but he wanted it done his way. And tonight, that meant rough.

As he began to move, each stroke moving the other shaft as well, I had a moment to remember that there’d been a time when I hadn’t realized that I liked things rough, kinky, but now, I couldn’t imagine my sex life without it.

Then Cross was pounding into me hard enough to drive the air from my lungs, and I didn’t think about anything but the way he made me feel. The pressure inside me was building fast, and before I knew it, I was coming again. I didn’t have enough breath to scream, but I managed to get his name out.

“That’s my girl,” he said as he pinched my nipple.

I made a squeaking sound that made him laugh, and the vibrations went right through me, pushing me toward yet another climax. This one would be the end of me, I knew. I could barely move, barely breathe. I wondered if I passed out this time, if he’d excuse me for not being able to say a word.

He twisted my nipple hard enough to make my body jerk, jostling the shaft in my pussy. Then his fingers were on my swollen clit, the pressure and friction almost painful, and I came again. I managed a scream this time, repeating his name over and over as his fingers moved relentlessly over my clit, each pass in time with a thrust into my ass. I was still coming when I felt him jerk against me, felt the hot liquid of his cum, his cock pulsing as it emptied.

He curled around me as we both slumped down on the bed. For the moment, neither of us was willing, or able, to move, but I didn’t mind. His arms were around me and that was all that mattered.




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