Paris, France.

I’d arrived three days ago, coming by way of London, Glasgow, Vienna, and Rome, as well as Moscow and Berlin. None of these places were like home and I was grateful for that.


I ran my hand through my hair, ignoring the appreciative looks from the women in the café. I knew I was good-looking. I wasn’t conceited, just honest. That was one of the vows I’d made to myself when I left Philadelphia a couple months ago. No more lies. Lies were the reason I’d been traveling around Europe, wearing out my welcome with various college friends. If I’d just been honest back then, with her, things might’ve turned out different.

I shook my head and drained the last of my drink. I didn’t want to think about Piper Black. After all, the entire point of coming to Europe was to get away from her. I managed a wry smile. Another lie. It wasn’t just Piper I was running from, the same way it wasn’t her who’d made me turn my entire life upside-down. She’d just been the catalyst who had started the whole damn thing.

I looked across the street to where the Eiffel Tower stood and took a moment to enjoy the regal landmark. I tossed a few bills onto the table and stood up. I hadn’t been over to see it yet. I’d been a little more interested in the Paris nightlife than the city’s history. After all, I was twenty-seven, far from an old man, and I’d spent the last five years of my life concerned more about work, about doing what my family expected of me. My little tour of Europe was my time to have fun.

I looked up at the tower and then around. After dismissing a few possibilities, I found exactly who I was looking for. Putting on my most charming smile, I approached her.

Bonjour. Voulez-vous me prendre en photo?” I held up my phone.


Her accent was thick, but I was more interested in how her long brown hair would look spread across my hotel bedspread or the way her curves would feel under my hands.

“Yes.” I pulled my thoughts to the present. “I’m Reed.”

“Monique.” She flashed teeth too straight to have been completely natural. The nose was a little too perfect too. My eyes flicked down to her ample breasts. Probably fake as well.

“Would you take my picture, Monique?”

“Of course.” She took my phone, letting her fingers brush, then linger against mine.

I smiled at her as she snapped a shot of me with the tower in the background. When she handed me back the phone, I winked at her and, on a whim, sent the picture to Piper. I’d been keeping her updated on my trip. Well, more or less. Things hadn’t exactly ended badly in the angry sense, just me being hurt. I wanted to let her know that I was okay. And I was okay…sort of.

“You are here alone?” Monique asked, her voice as erotic and soft as the finger she ran up my arm.

I was about to be very okay.


Monique’s big brown eyes widened when she saw the hotel where I was staying, but she didn’t seem overwhelmed. I’d definitely chosen well. I had no problem with Europeans who were enamored with Americans. What I didn’t need was someone looking for money and a green card. Monique might not be Stirling rich, but she dressed well enough to let me know she wouldn’t be coming after me for some big payday. There were too many women who thought they’d fuck me and I’d take care of them for life. Or the ones who tried to do things like get pregnant or some shit like that. Finding a random hook-up was getting to be as complicated as having a relationship.

Not that I’d really know. Pretty much all of my relationships had been shit.


“Come on, ma chérie.” I slid my arm around her waist and pulled her towards the elevator. “You’re going to love the view.”

As soon as the elevator doors closed, she was on me. Her mouth was firm, no hint of hesitation. Definitely something I liked about European women, especially the French. If they wanted someone, they went for it. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her even more tightly against me. She moaned and nipped at my bottom lip. I dropped my hand lower and squeezed her ass. If she was half as good in bed as she was at kissing, this was going to be fun. And probably just what I needed.

The door to my room had barely shut behind us and she was already unzipping her dress. I lost my shoes and started unbuttoning my shirt while I watched her slowly shimmy out of the confining material. I let out a low whistle. She looked even better out of the dress than she had in it.

“In case you are wondering.” She ran her hands over her flat stomach and up to cup the crimson silk holding her breasts. “They are real.”

Had I misjudged her? Could she really be this perfect?

She reached behind her and unhooked her bra, releasing a pair of the most magnificent breasts I’d ever seen. Easily a D-cup. She smiled at me as she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her matching silk panties. She slowly lowered them, revealing something I’d come to learn about French women. They were as diverse as Americans when it came to their grooming habits.

“You like what you see?” she asked, running her fingers over her bare pussy.

I closed the distance between us in two quick steps and covered her mouth. My tongue pushed at her lips and they parted. I ran my hands over her back and down to that firm ass as I explored every crevice of her mouth. She tasted like coffee and expensive chocolate.

Her hands found their way under my shirt, palms burning against my skin. When her nails scraped over my nipples, I moaned and felt her smile. She broke the kiss and pushed my shirt from my shoulders.

Magnifique.” She lowered her head and flicked her tongue against my nipple. She looked up at me through those thick eyelashes, gave me one of the most wicked grins I’d seen in a long time, and bit down.

“Shit!” I buried my hand in her hair as she worked her mouth across my chest, biting and licking until my cock was pressed painfully against my zipper. I’d barely spent a night alone since coming to Europe, but the last couple ones had been rather passive and I was starting to get bored. I’d definitely picked a good one today.

“Let us see what you have to offer.” She went to her knees in front of me, her hands at my waist, making short work of my pants. Her dark eyes brightened as she lowered my pants and saw the bulge at the front of my underwear. “Très bon.”

“Like what you see?” I grinned down at her.

“Very much.” She curled her fingers under the waistband of boxer-briefs and yanked them down.

My cock jutted out in front of me, thick and hard, eager for attention. Monique reached around and grabbed my ass, nails digging into the muscle as she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. I groaned as she circled the tip with her tongue, then took me deeper. Her mouth was wet and hot as she took me all the way to the root, her lips stretched wide around me.

“Fuck!” My hands curled into fists. Damn, she knew what she was doing.

One hand released my ass and came around to cup my balls. She rolled them as she bobbed her head, taking my cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat each time. A lot of women gave head because they thought it was expected or that it was the best way to get a man going. Then there were women like Monique, ones that obviously enjoyed it. Or were at least enthusiastic about it.

Ma chérie.” My voice was strained. “That’s enough.”

The hand on my ass flexed, nails digging in, giving me a bite of pain to go with the pleasure. Then I was sliding from her mouth, my cock swollen and glistening. I held out my hand to her and she took it, letting me help her to her feet. It was then that I noticed she was still wearing her heels. Heels and nothing else. Fuck, that was hot.

She released my hand and gave me that naughty smile again. She licked her bottom lip, then bit her lip with those perfect teeth. She winked at me and sauntered over to the French doors. I kicked off my pants and underwear as I followed her, stopping only to grab a condom from my pants pocket. She pushed the curtains aside and put her hands on the glass. Feet apart, ass out. There was no doubt what she wanted.

I stood behind her, taking in the line of her body, the smooth skin of her back, the curve of her ass. She was gorgeous. Just like every other woman I’d fucked since coming to Europe. Sometimes I felt like that was the only thing I’d been doing. Party, drink, fuck. Repeat as needed. Hope that I’d somehow figure out what I was going to do. Where my life was supposed to go next. So far, it wasn’t working.

Still, it didn’t mean I would stop trying, especially with a woman who looked like this.

I ran my finger down her spine and she arched her back. I palmed her ass. Damn that was firm. My cock throbbed in anticipation, eager to finish what her mouth had started. It would have to wait though.

I leaned against her, pressing my cock against her leg. My hand dropped down between her legs.

“Already wet?” I dipped a finger inside her and she made a mewling sound. “Do you really like sucking dick that much?”

“Very much.” She pushed back against my hand, but I didn’t give her what she wanted.

“And what do you think I should do to you now?” I removed my hand and lightly smacked her ass. Based on what I’d seen, I thought she might like it and I wasn’t proven wrong.

“Harder, se il vous plaît,” she begged.

I brought my hand down a little more firmly and she let out a gasp that was pure pleasure. I alternated cheeks, each smack making her cry out. I didn’t stop until my hand began to sting and her ass was a brilliant shade of red. I shook my hand as I bent down to pick up the condom I’d dropped. I tore it open and rolled the latex over my erection. The immediate need to come had eased a bit, but I was still ready to go.

I leaned my body over hers, intentionally rubbing against her sensitive ass as I did so. “I’m going to fuck you now.” I cupped her breasts, squeezing them until she writhed against me. “Take you hard and fast right here against this window.” I pinched her nipples and she made a sound half-way between a yelp and a moan. “Is that what you want?”

Oui, se il vous plaît.”

I didn’t need to know French to understand that as a definite affirmative.

I kept one hand on a breast, pinching her nipple, as the other hand slid down her stomach and between her legs. She gasped as I found her clit and rubbed the tip of my finger across it. Just when I felt her body start to quiver, I stopped.

She let out a stream of French expletives that made me chuckle. I straightened and put one hand on her hip. I teased around her entrance with the tip of my cock until she shot a glare over her shoulder. With a snap of my hips, I drove myself into her and her glare turned into a beautiful portrait of overwhelming sensation. Her entire body jerked and she swore again. I stayed still, giving her a moment. There was a fine line between painful pleasure and straight pain. I liked the first, but never wanted to cause the latter.

I rolled my hips and she cried out. “Prêt?” I made sure to ask it in French so there’d be no misunderstanding. She seemed to like it rough, but I didn’t want to start moving until I was sure she was ready.

She nodded her head and I pulled back until just the head was still inside her. When I thrust into her this time, she wailed loud enough for me to hope that no one was in the room next to mine…and that the glass door she leaned on would prevent the people outside from hearing her. Then again, if anyone looked up, there’d be no doubt as to what was happening.

She kept one hand on the glass and used the other to play with her nipples, pulling and twisting until they’d turned from pale pink to almost red. She pushed back against me with every stroke, forcing me deeper even as she squeezed my cock with her pussy.

“Fuck,” I swore through gritted teeth. I didn’t know where this girl had come from, but someone had definitely taught her how to fuck.

I moved my hand around to her front, once again finding her clit. She moaned as I rubbed the little bundle of nerves. The pressure inside me was building, but I was going to get her there first. I might not have always been the gentlest of lovers, but I liked to think of myself as considerate. I always did my best to make sure my partner came first.

“Spank me,” she said, her voice as strained as I felt.

I smacked her ass twice and apparently that was all she needed. She came with a high-pitched squeal that would’ve made me wince if she hadn’t clamped down on my cock at the same time and triggered my own orgasm. I closed my eyes as I came, focusing on the pleasure coursing through me, the way her muscles flexed around my cock, prolonging the pleasure until it almost hurt.

It was only during these moments that I felt at peace, that I forgot about all the shit I had waiting for me back in the States and the vast, empty future stretching out before me. A few precious moments where it was pure bliss and all was right in my world.

Then it was over.




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