It seemed like more than a year since I’d been in New York, not a little less than one. For six years, this city had been my home. The three women I’d met here had become more of a family to me than my own mother and father. Dena and Leslie stood with me now as we waited for the fourth member of our group to appear. Carrie and her fiancé, Gavin, were the reason my own boyfriend, DeVon, and I had flown in from LA. Not only were Carrie and Gavin officially announcing their engagement, but it was also the re-opening of their club, the place where they’d had their first date. Well, sort of. The story of their relationship was the only one I knew that was even crazier than how DeVon and I had come together. The two of them had been through a lot and they deserved this celebration.

“There.” DeVon’s voice sent a shiver through me even though there wasn’t anything sexual about the word or his intensions. His hand on my back sent heat through me that had nothing to do with the press of bodies all around us.

I followed where he pointed and saw the person I’d been looking for. I grinned and shouted her name as I made my way through the crowd towards my friend. When I’d first met her at Columbia, she’d been much quieter and definitely less well-dressed. She was always beautiful, but her time with Gavin had given her the confidence to show the person I’d always known her to be.

We’d been roommates since freshman year and being apart for this long hadn’t been easy. Of course, we’d both made new friends and found the paths our lives were meant to take, but that didn’t mean we hadn’t missed each other. The thing about being so close, the two of us picked up right where we’d left off. After a while, Dena and Leslie chose partners from their many admirers and moved off to dance. Gavin and Carrie headed off somewhere – I assumed to visit the private room she’d told me about the club having. And I definitely didn’t blame her. If I had a hot guy and a private sex playroom, I’d spend as much time in there as possible. Well, at least I had one half of that equation here.

I looked up at DeVon. “Shall we dance?” I held out my hand.

He smiled at me, a slow, sensual smile that tightened things low inside me. That was the kind of smile I’d learned held the promise of great things to come. When DeVon and I had first been doing this little back-and-forth thing where we tried to deny how we felt about each other, he’d said that he didn’t dance. When asked why by one of our mutual friends, he’d said it was because he’d never found the right partner.

He slid his hand into mine and the two of us moved onto the dance floor. His hand slid up my bare arm and then down to the small of my back. He pulled me tight against him until our bodies were pressed together intimately. If we’d been at a normal dance club, it might’ve been almost obscene, the way we began to move together, but here, everything was a precursor to sex. Well, except for the actual sex that I assumed was happening in the more dimly lit parts of the club.

“That dress looks amazing.” DeVon pressed his mouth against my ear. The hand on my back moved down to my ass. “But I don’t like it.”

I turned my head enough to give him a puzzled look.

“Too many men in here are wondering if you could possibly look as good without it as you do with it.” His hand slid lower and the tips of his fingers brushed against the tops of my thighs.

I’d specifically chosen this dress because it wasn’t one I could wear to a function back home – when had I started referring to LA as home instead of New York? – and the re-opening of a sex club had seemed like the perfect fit for it. It was simple in the sense that it was plain white, without any fancy stitching or cuts, but no one would describe the dress as boring. At least not the way I was wearing it. Carrie would’ve called the dress one of my “barely there” outfits.

“There are just as many women looking at you,” I countered. And it wasn’t just women. I saw more than a few men looking our way who weren’t checking me out.

“Well, if people are looking…” DeVon’s Italian accent thickened the way it always did when he was angry or aroused. “Maybe we should give them something to look at.”

I was wearing my favorite heels, which put me close enough to DeVon’s over-six-feet frame that all I had to do was tilt my head for our faces to be only an inch apart. I saw the heat in his eyes and then his mouth was coming down on mine. Electricity zinged through me as his tongue darted into my mouth, tasting of the champagne we’d been drinking. I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my fingers in his wavy, black hair. He slid his hand under my dress, squeezing my ass even as his action pushed the hem up enough to flash some flesh at the people around us. The idea that men were ogling my ass as DeVon fondled it made me writhe against him, less of a dance now than something even more primal.

I bit down on DeVon’s bottom lip, then sucked it into my mouth, reveling in the growl I felt reverberating through his chest. His mouth moved down my jaw even as his free hand tangled in the hair I’d left down to cascade over my shoulders. With a tug that sent a jolt straight through me, he yanked my head to the side and kissed his way down my neck.

I dug my nails into his shoulders as he sucked the tender skin of my throat into his mouth. Ever since we’d gone public with our relationship, he’d been enjoying leaving hickeys and bite marks in visible places. My neck. Collarbone. The tops of my breasts. My eyelids fluttered as DeVon sucked on my neck, each pull making me even more wet.

He slid his hand down my leg and pulled it up, hooking it around his hip. I ignored the fact that my skirt was gathering up around my waist and flashing my white thong. All I cared about was the way DeVon’s cock was now rubbing against me just right.

“Do you think you can get off like this?” DeVon asked as he sucked my earlobe into his mouth. He ground his pelvis against me and I moaned. “Dancing with all these people around us, knowing that all they have to do is look and they’ll see your firm ass in those tiny little panties.”

It hit me then. He wasn’t going to let this go until I came. A thrill ran through me. I wasn’t an exhibitionist. Not in a true sense where I’d want people watching me have sex, like on a stage or someone in my room, but this was different. Aside from the fact that I was actually clothed, the club wasn’t brightly lit. People would see mostly shadows, the suggestion of what we were doing. If they were paying attention to us in the first place. People were probably more interested in their own partners.

Still, it turned me on, knowing people could watch at least a bit while DeVon and I danced.

He covered my mouth with his, the kiss hard and demanding. All of the desire I could feel in his body, the tension in his arms, how hard his cock was as it pressed against me, he poured all of it into that kiss. His tongue thrust into my mouth, exploring every inch of it. I moaned as I writhed against him, the fabric providing exquisite friction against my clit. We’d been together for almost a year and it was still fireworks every time we touched.

His fingers tightened in my hair, sending little pinpricks of pain and pleasure into my scalp. He tore his mouth away from mine and our eyes met. The love and desire that burned there only made me want to come more. I loved being able to do what he asked. What he commanded. I loved the expression on his face when I obeyed.

“Come, Ms. Jensen.”

I smiled as I remembered how our first time together, he’d used my last name rather than my first, as if it could put a distance between us. It hadn’t worked even then.

“Come for me, baby.” His hand tightened on my hip, fingers digging into flesh, the extra pressure exactly what I needed.

I groaned, biting my bottom lip to hold back the cry that wanted to escape. I shuddered as I came and DeVon released my leg. I put my foot on the floor, but it was DeVon’s arms that held me steady, kept us moving to the music until the strength returned to my legs. Once I could stand on my own, I reached down and took his hand, moving us off of the dance floor. I waved at Dena and Leslie as we passed, but I didn’t stop. I’d spend time with them tomorrow. As for Carrie and Gavin, I wasn’t going to waste my time looking for them. I knew they were busy. And once DeVon and I got back to our hotel, I intended to be just as busy.

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