DeVon fucking Ricci. I ground my teeth together and pushed the gas pedal closer to the floor. He’d gotten the upper hand again, and used my personal life to do it. Why the hell was he so interested in who I was dating? Control freak. At least it wasn’t like I’d been in love with Taylor or anything. He’d been fun, a distraction like all the men I’d been with in New York had been. And I knew I was the same for him. After all, he never would’ve signed with Mirage if he’d been looking for something serious. Like DeVon had said, Taylor knew the rules about not dating clients.

If Taylor had come himself and said Mirage was going to sign him, I wouldn’t have even been mad. I would’ve been happy for him. The fact that DeVon had felt like he needed to come tell me himself only proved what a sadistic prick he was.

A flash of red and blue in my rearview mirror caught my eye a second before I heard the brief wail of a siren.


Could this day get any worse? I thought as I pulled over. I got my license out as well as the car’s registration. I really hoped I wasn’t going to get in trouble at work because I’d gotten pulled over in the company car.

“Good evening, Miss.”

I looked up to see a handsome face looking down at me. He had dark hair and eyes, but any resemblance to DeVon stopped there. That was good. The cop was good-looking in a different way. Not that it made any difference as he told me how fast I’d been going and wrote out a citation. I was polite and smiled at him, but what I really wanted to do was curse. Not at him. It wasn’t his fault I’d been speeding. No, that blame belonged to someone else.

DeVon fucking Ricci.

I made it back to the hotel without further incident and dropped into bed without bothering to change. I just wanted to sleep and forget about the entire day.

The problem was, every time I closed my eyes, all I kept seeing was DeVon. Those wild dark waves and deep brown eyes. His strong jawline and firm chest. Those broad shoulders and kissable lips.

“Fuck!” I shouted into my pillow.

Why, of all the people in the world, did I have to keep thinking about my asshole of a boss? Sure, he’d made an impression, but I hadn’t thought it was a good one. Then, last night, while Taylor had been going down on me, I’d had a flash of DeVon between my legs. It had been DeVon I’d pictured beneath me while I’d been riding Taylor, and it had been the thought of him that had made me come.

I sighed and rolled over onto my back. Did he feel the same way about me? Was that the real reason he’d signed Taylor? Because he liked me? I shook my head, almost laughing at the idea. DeVon wasn’t like that. He was just playing games. That’s the kind of person he was, after all. The kind of man who’d show up in a hotel room with two naked women and make an offer of an orgy just to test to see if I’d do it. That kind of man always made sure he was in control. He made the rules of the game but none of those rules seemed to apply to him. What a hypocrite.

I squeezed my eyes closed. What was I doing here? Why had I even taken this job? Had I made a mistake?

“No.” I said it out loud.

I’d come to Hollywood to make a career for myself. A career that I wanted and deserved. I hadn’t let my mother guilt me into going home and I wasn’t going to let anyone else stand in my way. I was a grown woman, strong and confident. I’d made my way without anyone’s help and I could do this. I wasn’t going to let DeVon take me down.

I slowly exhaled, letting all of the negative energy out with the air. My mom’s sixth girlfriend, Felicity, had been a yoga instructor. Most of my sophomore year of high school had been spent in the lotus position.

I let my mind go blank and waited to fall asleep.

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