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Nori was gone.

She left me.

I kept saying it over and over again, hoping that saying it would change things. That, somehow, it wouldn’t be true. It couldn’t be. She wouldn’t have just left without a word. That wasn’t like her.

Then again…

I thought back over the last two days, over how well things had been going until I’d inevitably fucked everything up. First, by sleeping with Nori in a moment of weakness, then acting like an ass the next morning. And, of course, I couldn’t forget the whole incident with Kipp either. It’d been the fact that I’d punched my physical therapist for inquiring about Nori that had led to her confronting me in the kitchen. I’d assumed that my surly attitude would piss her off, but I hadn’t imagined she’d end the argument by saying that she couldn’t work with me anymore.

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