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Dom X Vol. 2












I wanted out.

I glared at the wall. The same fucking wall I’d been glaring at for the past three fucking months. It was still an off-white or gray shade, the sort of mediocre color that was supposed to be soothing or some shit like that. It had started to drive me nuts by the second week, and I was pretty sure it’d only taken that long because I was too out of my mind on pain meds to notice until April.

I’d spent my birthday staring at the damn wall. Not that I’d wanted to celebrate. Or even had anything to celebrate. One year shy of thirty and I was done. Done with everything.

Zed came to talk to me right before he and the rest of the unit shipped out in the middle of April. For the first time since I’d met him, he wasn’t smiling. I knew I should’ve reassured him. Made some joke about him being the pretty one now. Everyone knew that’s what people in my position were supposed to do. Make the person who came to see them feel better about the situation.

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