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Dom X: The Complete Series Box Set

Nori Prinz loves her job as a nurse at the San Antonio Medical Center. She loves her parents, flawed as they are. And she loves her rich, handsome boyfriend, Tanner. Then a soldier is brought into the ER with massive injuries and everything in her life starts to shift.

Xavier Hammond loves being a soldier. It’s all he has. He’s survived a horrible childhood and several tours overseas. When he hears a child trapped in a burning warehouse, he doesn’t hesitate. What he doesn’t realize is that his decision is going to change the course of his life forever.

Brought together through tragic circumstances, these two lives will never be the same.

Don’t miss the newest sizzling series from best-selling author M.S. Parker.



MS Parker this has to be the most emotionally charged book that you have written, the ups and downs had my heart all over the place.


Glad i wanted to read these as a boxed set! M. S. Parker this set rocks.

-Sweetsandi, Amazon

Couldn’t put the book down I was hooked all the way through.





March in San Antonio¬†wasn’t as hot as July, but it was hot enough in the damn sun that I’d soaked clean through my t-shirt before we were half-way through. I was used to it though. Even Texas heat couldn’t compare to some of the sandboxes I’d been sent to. As for the exercises, today’s weren’t any more strenuous than anything else I’d done in my nine-year military career.

Hell, they weren’t really that much crazier than the shit I’d grown up with, and these were a lot safer. The places the army sent me were sometimes safer than where I’d grown up.

I pushed the thoughts aside, raking my hand through my short, dark blond hair. I’d never kept it very long to begin with, but the day I’d enlisted, it’d been buzzed short and I’d kept it that way ever since. It was clean and efficient. I liked that.

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