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Dark Pleasures (Pleasures Series Book 2)

The Sizzling Continuation to Forbidden Pleasures!

It’s not supposed to happen to people like me. Broken, damaged people don’t get to fall in love with amazing, handsome men like Rylan Archer. And men like Rylan never look twice at women like me. Except he had.
Rylan loves me. I love him, too… and it scares me to death.

After the incident with former co-worker Christophe Constantine, twenty-two year-old Jenna Lang knows she can’t run from her past anymore. Forced to confront the demons from her childhood, she’s faced with the choice between justice for herself, or saving others like her.

Don’t miss book 2 in the dark and sizzling Pleasures series by USA Today best-selling author M.S. Parker.



Why are we limited to five stars because DARK PLEASURES is an outstanding read and would deserve so many more, I have never been disappointed by anything that ms parker has written.


I absolutely loved this book! M.S. Parker has this amazing gift for creating chemistry between characters that makes you feel like you are going through the same emotions they are it’s incredibly captivating! …

-Carrie, Amazon

This series just keeps getting better and better.




The hard shaft in my mouth pulsed and throbbed as I increased suction. The hand on my head was gentle, not pushing or forcing me to take him deeper, but I felt his strong fingers flexing against my scalp and knew he was restraining himself.

My stomach tightened at the thought of restraints, but not in the panic-filled way it once had.

“Jenna, love.” The man beneath me moaned as his hips jerked. “I’m close.”

I dropped lower, allowing more of him to slide across my tongue and into my throat as I took inch by impressive inch. My hand cupped his balls, feeling them tighten as he moaned and became unraveled beneath me. He called out my name as his cum flooded my mouth. I milked him of every last drop, savoring the taste and the feel of his velvet skin. The muscles in his flat stomach twitched under my palm as he slipped from between my lips.

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