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Con Man: The Complete Series Box Set

Bron Du Murier is tall, handsome and a true gentleman. He’s also an expert con artist and art thief who’s never been caught.

When he runs into his high school crush, the beautiful Karis Melendez, old sparks re-ignite and things are looking up for Bron Du Murier. That is, until he realizes that Karis is the FBI agent assigned to catch him.




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“Get out of the road!” someone screamed as they blared their horn at me.

“Get out of the crosswalk!” I snapped back. I had the right of way, and I was in no mood to deal with entitled, vehicle-equipped bullies trying to turn right on red.

He honked again, so I opened my jacket and flashed my badge. It was hard to see him through the tinted windows of his sporty little car, but I was pretty sure I’d made my point. I wasn’t one of those people who liked to throw my position around so I could flaunt the rules, but there were times when being an FBI agent had its perks.

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