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Collide Vol. 2 (Club Privé)

Bryne Dawkins came to New York hoping to find herself and new family. With the lead in an off-Broadway play, and the beginnings of a relationship with her new-found uncle, Club Privé owner Gavin Manning, she’s well on her way to accomplishing her goals. What she hadn’t counted on was Dax Prevot, the tattooed bad boy who took her virginity…and may have made off with her heart as well.

As Bryne and Dax continue to struggle to define what they have and what they want, it’s the secrets Dax keeps that will threaten their future.

Don’t miss the second installment of Collide, M.S. Parker’s newest series in the world of Club Privé.









Chapter One


I’d gotten pretty good at lying, especially these last few years. My mom would’ve said I was a little too good if she’d known just how often I did it, but half the time, I did it to protect her. I tried not to lie too much to her face, but lying to myself was a different story. I told myself all sorts of shit so I’d do what needed to be done. I was pretty sure that wasn’t one of my lies. It had only been me and Mom my whole life, and since she got hurt, it’d been my job to take care of her.

Okay, so maybe I used that as an excuse not to get involved with anyone, but the truth was, once I fucked a woman, I really didn’t have any further use for her. I was sure some people considered me an asshole for having that attitude, but I always made sure the woman I was with knew that going in. I made sure she got off, and I never treated her like trash, which was more than some guys, but she knew the whole time it was only sex.

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