Collide Clube Prive

Nineteen year-old Bryne Dawkins left everything behind to start a new life in New York City. A new life that involves Club Privé owner Gavin Manning and the tattooed Bad Boy, Dax Prevot.
As Bryne pursues an acting career, she must decide what to believe, and what she truly wants.

Don’t miss Collide, the newest series in M.S. Parker’s sexy Club Privé world.



I was so engrossed reading, it finished before I knew it. Can’t wait for the next volume.


Another great start to a new series by author M.S Parker and this is centered at Club Prive in New York and their owners Gavin and Carrie.

-April R Symes, Amazon

Can not wait for the next installment. Please hurry.

-Faiqa Akram,



Chapter One

Okay, so maybe driving from Washington, DC to New York City during the first week of January wasn’t the smartest thing I’d ever done, but since I had a history of always doing the right thing, the responsible thing, I figured I was allowed an occasional misstep.

I, however, seemed to be the only one who believed that to be true.

Right on cue, my mother’s voice shouted in my head. “You’ll regret this, Bryne Dawkins. You have no clue how good you have it.”

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