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Collide 4

When Dax Prevot shows up at Bryne Dawkins’ place covered in blood, she doesn’t know what to think, but she does what she knows she has to do. She helps him. Instead of trusting her with his secrets, however, he leaves and takes his answers with him. Torn, she doesn’t know if she wants to go after him, or forget him completely…or if she’d even be able to.

Don’t miss the penultimate installment of M.S. Parker’s newest Club Privé story, Collide.


I have to say I was biting my nails.


This is building up really good and can’t wait to read the final part. It’s so good.


Fantastic well written love the chemistry between the characters can’t wait for the final part 20/20 stars love reading books buy this author.

Tracy Goodenough,



Getting shot hurt like a motherfucker.

On some level, I’d always known that it would. It wasn’t like I ever thought it would tickle, but there was a huge difference between knowing it and experiencing it.

Huge. Difference.

I’d grown up in Hell’s Kitchen. Got into my fair share of fights as a kid and as an adult. Most of the people I surrounded myself with had spent time in juvie or prison, usually both. They fought with their fists, knives, pipes, and whatever the hell else was lying around. Most of them carried guns, but I didn’t. Having a gun meant charges were always worse. Better not to get caught at all, but playing it smart was always a good idea.

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