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Club Privé: Collide 3

Bryne Dawkins is not looking for a relationship, which is good, because her lover-not-boyfriend, Dax Prevot, isn’t either. Bryne wants to focus on her acting career and adjusting to life in New York City, but she finds that the more time she spends with Dax, the more she wants. Including answers to the secrets he’s holding.

Will Dax’s secrets drive them apart…or drive Bryne closer to danger?

Don’t miss out as Bryne and Dax’s story continues in the third volume of Collide, the newest addition to M.S. Parker’s Club Privé series.


M.S. Parker did it again with another great book


The plot is building and building, winding tighter, and I you can sense an explosion coming.


So exciting, can’t wait to read part 4



Chapter One


I never considered myself to be one of those people who had a temper or made rash decisions. Even if something looked impulsive – say, losing my virginity to a guy I barely knew – chances were, I’d thought about it beforehand. And I didn’t get angry easily. Sometimes I snapped at people or raised my voice, but I wasn’t the sort of person prone to shouting matches or violence.

But right now, all I wanted to do was find Dax and hit him.


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