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Club Privé Book 4

Alpha Billionaire Romance

The Club Prive series is now complete! This is book 4 out of 5. You should read book 1 first.
A young woman missing for two years and a father claiming she’d been kidnapped. Do I even dare search for the truth?

The disappearance of a former companion, a web of deceit and lies, is leading Carrie Summers to believe that her firm’s client, Howard Weiss, is up to no good. When an opportunity arises for her to investigate more deeply, it leads her to a secret that could change everything.

In this penultimate installment of M.S. Parker’s sizzling series, the intrigue is hot, but the passion is even hotter.



I love this series and I am glad that I can read it in small doses, otherwise I would get nothing accomplished!!

-Heather Armstrong,

OMG!! I did not think this series could get any hotter, but was I WRONG!! This is my favorite book!!

-Chantel L McKinley, Amazon

Intrigue, suspense, drama and one sizzling hot man. Oh yeah, and a very heavy dose of fantastically written plot. What’s not to love??!!

-Jo The Bookaholic 22,



I sat at my desk, frozen, my phone against my ear. I had to have misheard, right? There was no way I’d just stumbled on a former companion to Howard Weiss being missing for two years. It was like something out of a made-for-TV movie.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Vinarisky. Did you say that Patricia was missing?” I hoped my voice sounded more natural to him than it did to me.

“Two years ago last month,” Frank Vinarisky said. “Are you seriously trying to tell me that you didn’t know? Why would you be calling unless you knew something about her kidnapping?”

“She was kidnapped.” I made it a statement rather than a question because I had a feeling Frank would think I was patronizing him, but he still took it poorly.

“Of course she was kidnapped! My daughter is a sweet, innocent girl. She wouldn’t have run away, no matter what anyone says.” His voice was getting louder and more intense.

“I truly am sorry, sir. I didn’t know.”

“Bullshit!” Frank practically shouted the word, and I winced. “You have to know something! How did you find out about my daughter? How did you know to call me?”

“I’m sorry.” I repeated the only thing I could say. I couldn’t tell him that I’d been led to his daughter’s name through a client. I might not have been Howard’s actual attorney, but I was still a part of the law firm that represented him and I couldn’t violate attorney-client privilege, especially when it was just based on speculation.

“If you know something, you have to tell me!”

I didn’t say anything. What could I say? Sorry, sir, I found your daughter’s picture when I was researching the possibility of affairs for a rich, womanizing client. I didn’t think that would go over well.

“You tell whoever you work for that I will find out what happened to my daughter, and they’re going to pay.”

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