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Club Privé Book 2

Alpha Billionaire Romance

The Club Prive series is now complete! This is book 2 out of 5. You should read book 1 first.

I fell hard for his lies, and now he wants my forgiveness. I can’t give it to him, can I?

After discovering that the man she’d slept with wasn’t who he claimed to be, Carrie Summers must decide if she’s willing to forgive him for his lies. Sure, the sex had been mind-blowing, but was that really a good reason to look past the deceit? And how can she be sure he doesn’t have more hidden beneath the surface?

Gavin Manning could be an angel or devil, with a body and face forged in heaven and a lust from hell. It’s a dangerous combination and Carrie knows she shouldn’t trust him with her heart. That doesn’t mean she can stop craving his touch.

Book two in M.S. Parker’s steamy erotic romance series will turn the heat to the max and leave you panting for more.



Club Prive 2 is, how do I describe? Hot…Sexy…Arousing!!!

-De Resse Robinson,

A page turner!

-Joannie, Amazon

This book is HOT HOT HOT! It is just simply amazing, it had me hooked from the very beginning

-Mariana Lee,



I tightened my grip on my phone, Gavin’s words echoing in my ears as he waited for me to respond.

“I missed you and just had to hear your voice, so I did my detective thing and found your number.”

What was I supposed to say to that after what I’d just learned?

The list went rapid-fire through my mind. Gavin pretending to have been just a member of Club Privé when we’d met him there last night, when, in fact, he owned the place. Even worse than that, he had hired Jeff to follow Krissy, to get to know her while pretending to be a rich investor; all so he could get the two of us to the club’s opening. And I still didn’t know who had been the target. Krissy… or me.

Krissy stared at me with wide eyes. She mouthed his name and I nodded. Her eyes narrowed. “Hang up on the bastard.”

I was seriously considering it.


Apparently my near full minute of silence had made Gavin realize that something was wrong.

“Are you okay?”

The sincerity in his tone as he asked the question was what set me off. The temper I usually had no problem keeping under control flared.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I didn’t shout the words, but Krissy actually sat back as if I had. My tone was flat and I struggled to keep it that way. “You lie to me, fuck me, and then call me like everything’s just fine?”

Krissy stood up, the expression on her face saying that she didn’t want to be here for this. I was too pissed at the moment to be grateful for the privacy. I would’ve had it out with Gavin even if we’d been in the middle of a public place. Like I’d said before: I didn’t get truly angry often, but when I did, it was bad.

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