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Chasing Perfection Vol. 4

STAND-ALONE NOVEL – No Cliffhanger

I’d always been the type of woman who knew what I wanted and went after it, and it had been the same when I’d finally admitted to myself how I felt about DeVon Ricci. Once I got him, nothing had come between us, and I knew nothing ever would.

When the CEO of Mirage Talent, DeVon Ricci, gets a mysterious visitor with surprising news, he’s forced into a position he’s never been in before. He’s given a choice between something new that will change his life forever and the first woman he’s truly ever loved and trusted.

As secrets are revealed and lines drawn, will Krissy and DeVon be able to keep their happy ending?


Another Must read..
M.S. parker has done it again


Perfect written hot love story. Halfway I was thinking I would go obvious way. But im glad the path it went. Really beautiful written story with great written love scenes. The whole serie is a #mustread. So glad I have read them

-Truus, Amazon

 I couldn’t put it down!




It seemed like more than a year since I’d been in New York, not a little less than one. For six years, this city had been my home. The three women I’d met here had become more of a family to me than my own mother and father. Dena and Leslie stood with me now as we waited for the fourth member of our group to appear. Carrie and her fiancé, Gavin, were the reason my own boyfriend, DeVon, and I had flown in from LA. Not only were Carrie and Gavin officially announcing their engagement, but it was also the re-opening of their club, the place where they’d had their first date. Well, sort of. The story of their relationship was the only one I knew that was even crazier than how DeVon and I had come together. The two of them had been through a lot and they deserved this celebration.

“There.” DeVon’s voice sent a shiver through me even though there wasn’t anything sexual about the word or his intensions. His hand on my back sent heat through me that had nothing to do with the press of bodies all around us.

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