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Chasing Perfection Vol. 3

No More Cliffhangers! The series is now complete. Enjoy the final installment of Chasing Perfection.

If DeVon Ricci thinks I’m going to apologize for what happened, he’s sorely mistaken. I don’t care how hot the sex was, or even if he sometimes seems like he’s going to be a decent guy, I’m not asking for forgiveness. I don’t need it. I’ve done nothing wrong. We were never anything to each other but two nights of great sex. Why, then, am I still drawn to him?

When DeVon Ricci discovers that his perfect Krissy Jensen isn’t so perfect after all, he retreats back behind the walls he’s put up to keep himself from being hurt. As truths begin to reveal themselves, DeVon must decide if loving Krissy is worth the risk of a broken heart.

Can Krissy and DeVon finally put aside everything that’s tried to come between them and admit what they’ve both felt from moment one? That, together… they’re perfection.



Awesomely written. I like this series and looked forward to reading each one. I believe you’ll like it too.


loved the books. I’m now on an M.S. Parker kick!

-Sharilyn, Amazon

Loved this book, M.S. Parker is an amazing writer.




I was still in the process of brushing out my hair when I heard someone knock on the front door. I tightened the belt of the robe around my waist and walked out of the bathroom and through the bedroom. I didn’t see Carter anywhere. I assumed he thought I was still in the shower, but since I was expecting a cab to pick me up, I figured I might as well answer the door. I gave myself a quick once-over to make sure the silk robe Carter had loaned me covered everything important, and then opened the door.

My mouth was opening to thank the person on the other side…and then I saw who was staring at me with dark, intense eyes.

“DeVon,” I said, not able to hide the surprise in the tone of my voice. My heart did a funny little skipping beat. Who’d called him about my accident? Had it been Carter? The fact that he’d come to make sure I was okay tempered my previous anger at him for pushing me on Carter. It didn’t make things good between us, but it was at least a step in the right direction.

“Nice to see you’re taking one for the team,” he snapped. “Hope he was a good lay.”

My jaw dropped as DeVon spun around and started to storm away. What the hell? All prior thoughts of forgiveness were chased away by the anger boiling inside me. I walked after him, not caring that I was only wearing a robe or that the man I was about to yell at was my boss.

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