As I used the expensive linen napkin to wipe the wine from my face, I was glad I’d ordered white instead of red. My dry cleaner would be able to salvage my dress shirt. I was still pissed, though. A perfectly good glass of Chardonnay wasted in a fit of childish temper.

“You’re breaking up with me?” The beautiful blonde who was still in the midst of the previously mentioned temper tantrum had pushed back from the table and was now standing to deliver her indignant monologue. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

I opened my mouth to tell her to sit down and be quiet, but she didn’t let me speak.

“After everything I’ve let you do to me?” Her face was starting to get that red, splotchy look that happened when fair-skinned women let their temper get the best of them. She looked around at the other diners, most of whom were no longer even trying to be polite and ignore the scene.

“I let you tie me up for your little games!” She was almost shrieking now. “You fucking spanked me!”


I could see the expressions on the other men and women, saw their eyes darting towards me. Some of them recognized me. That was not acceptable.

I stood and crossed to her in two long strides, putting just an inch between our bodies so we weren’t touching, but she was forced to look up at me. I glared down at her and spoke in a low voice, the one that demanded submission.

“You are behaving in a manner most unbecoming, Miss Paine.” As it always did when I was trying to control my temper, the faint accent that usually tinged my words thickened until I sounded more like the teenaged boy who’d first stepped off the plane from Venice. That just made me more angry. My next statement was nearly a growl. “You know what happens when you misbehave in public.”

Her mouth snapped shut.

I watched her swallow hard and the anger in her face drained away, replaced by lust. I preferred that look on a woman’s face. Lust was easy to control.

I took a step back and motioned for one of the waiters who’d been nervously standing in the shadows.

“Yes, Sir?” the man asked nervously.

“Bill me for the meal,” I said. “And a bottle of wine for each table as an apology for the disruption of your guests’ meals.” I glanced at the waiter. “And add a thirty percent tip for your aggravation as well.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

I turned my attention back to my soon-to-be former lover. “Follow me.”

I didn’t bother to check if she was following as I walked towards the exit. I kept my eyes forward, my head up, expression blank. The only thing that betrayed what was bubbling under the surface was my lips pressed in a thin line. I stepped out into the balmy autumn night, not pausing to see if she was coming. I walked around the corner and into the narrow alley that separated the expensive Beverly Hills restaurant from the boutique next door. Less than a minute later, she appeared, stepping into the alley without a moment of hesitation.

“Face the wall, palms flat against it.”

I could see her fingers trembling as she did as she was told. She knew what was coming, and the fact that she was here meant that she accepted it, wanted it. She was always free to walk away at any time. I knew she wouldn’t, though. They never did.

I closed the space between us and slid my hands under the hem of her shirt. I had instructed her to wear the two-piece dress combination rather than a full dress for just this reason. Of all my lovers, Sami had been one of the most contentious – and not always in an enjoyable way – requiring far more discipline than the others. It hadn’t been a difficult decision to end our… encounter.

I pulled down her skirt and tapped her bare calf. She lifted one leg, then the other, kicking away half of the twenty-five hundred dollar garment. The top came down to the middle of her ass, leaving the rest of her bare. Like all my women, she didn’t wear panties in public. I preferred easy access at all times. I only allowed those who needed it to wear a bra. Sami didn’t.

I wasn’t interested in her breasts at the moment, however. I ran my hand over the firm globes of pale flesh and felt her tense. I smiled and drew my hand back.

The first crack echoed in the alley, sounding louder because of the silence between us. She didn’t make a sound until my hand made contact for the third time, the skin on her ass already starting to turn a delightful shade of pink.

“Ahhh…” It wasn’t exactly pleasure, but it wasn’t pain either. Sami was in that place where the two were starting to join, but her body hadn’t sorted out how it wanted to respond.

I spanked her harder, reminding her that this was a punishment for her behavior. It wasn’t meant to truly hurt her, but she needed to feel it. My palm was starting to sting and I was starting to wish I’d thought to bring a belt. Used correctly, it worked as well as a flogger to bring my submissive right to that edge.

I didn’t stop until her breathing began to hitch and I could see the moisture between her legs. Only then did I reach into my pocket for one of the little packets I kept on me at all times. I tore it open, unzipped my pants and rolled the condom down over my throbbing cock.

When I stepped up behind her and nudged her legs further apart, I could feel the heat radiating off of her ass. She wasn’t going to be able to sit comfortably for days. I lined myself up and thrust into her pussy with one hard stroke.

She keened as I buried my full length inside her. She was wet, but still so tight that it was almost painful for me, but I didn’t stop. I grabbed a handful of her hair as I began to pound into her. I could feel her body quivering around me as I tugged on her hair. For as much as she’d made it sound like I was the one who wanted it rough, she got off on it just as much as I did.

I could feel the pressure building in my stomach and knew I was close. I’d been wound too tight from the moment she’d started her tantrum, and spanking her had just made it that much worse. I put my mouth against her ear.

“Come if you can, but I’m not helping you.”

She growled in frustration, but I ignored her. My own release was too near. I lowered my head to the place where her shoulder met her neck and took some of the skin there into my mouth, sucking on it, nibbling it with my teeth. We were done, but I’d make sure she’d remember our last time together.

She was making whining little mews now, pushing back to meet my thrusts, forcing me even deeper. I put my hands on her hips and held her in place as I slammed into her, biting down on her neck as I came. She wailed, her body shaking around mine, further proof that I wasn’t the only one who liked what I’d done.

I closed my eyes for a moment, letting the waves of pleasure wash over and through me. I let out a breath and took a step back, hearing her hiss as I slid out of her. She staggered, as if her legs couldn’t hold her, and then rolled so that her back was against the wall, propping her up. She gave me a cat-ate-the-canary kind of smile.

I discarded the condom and tucked myself back into my pants. I pulled out my wallet and withdrew a twenty. “Here.” I tossed it towards her. “Take a cab.”

I saw the shock settle over her and resisted the urge to roll my eyes. Had she really thought this meant we weren’t done?

“Danny will be your agent from here on out. I don’t want to see your face again.” I turned and started towards the street where my car would be waiting.

I’d just reached the sidewalk when she screamed out, “Asshole!”

I didn’t acknowledge it as I thanked the valet, tipped him and climbed into the driver’s seat. Sami was right. I was an asshole, but that’s the way it had to be. Two weeks was my usual, four at the max. No attachments. Ever.

Besides, I reasoned as I started towards home, Sami was just another no-talent, wanna-be actress, anyway. The best she could ever hope for would be bit parts in cheap, made-for-TV movies before she made the inevitable transition to adult films. She’d do okay there. She had a nice body and was a decent enough lay, though not as good as she seemed to think she was.

Women like her were a dime a dozen. They all came to Hollywood with the same idea, that their pretty face and tight pussies would let them sleep their way to the top. And I was the top. I was DeVon fucking Ricci, one of the biggest agents in Hollywood. Nothing could touch me.

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